Bonfire Peaks – Tips for Puzzles

Puzzle Tips


Yes, the arow has to go into the simple crate. It is impossible to do that while you are holding it. Keep trying, this one also had me spend a lot of time before I could figure it out. I believe you are going to facepalm once you find it…


Arrow must indeed go into the vertical crate. There is no particular twist here … the same mechanic must be used in a couple of other puzzles.


Yes, the “hole” in the wall must be used in order to solve this one (at least I could not find any other way and I’ve been trying all sorts of things). I suggest you place one of the vertical crates at the far end of the indentation and stand on the wall above it … that view made me realize what I had to do.

Over the Hill

Funny, I found this one pretty easy for the final extra puzzles. The trick indeed is to find the only configuration possible to get the crate of belongings into the fire. From there it was not too difficult. Anyhow, eventually the horizontal has to go on the vertical.

Spiky Tower

Nothing gets trapped in the spikes when they activate.

One intentionally spiked box is all it takes; in the spikes behind the button. There are other ways to free the double box. Just use your HEAD, it might just trigger a way forward.


Not sure whether I solved this one as intended but I did trigger the arrow in order to get to the left vertical crate. However, it is possible (and necessary) to keep the arrow!

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