Boo Party – How to Obtain I Like This Pod Person Achievement (Plant Photo Locations)

To get the Plant Lady’s photo and the achievement I Like This Pod Person.

I Like This Pod Person Achievement Guide


All of the locations of the unique plant photos to fulfil the Plant Lady’s mission.

Creepy Tree

We can snag this one as soon as we start the game where you meet the scientist.

Head to the right.

And you’ll see a tree with a face.

Snap a pic and you’re done here.

90s Looking Tree

So there’s no particular order to get these in. It just depends on which direction you explore first in the mansion.

Take the lift upstairs (if you haven’t been there yet use the visual ques from the screenshots).

Up the stairs near the lift and then take a right.

Near the 3rd door are 2 palm trees – it’s the one on the left.

Hilarious Cactus

Probably the most straight forward. Once you reach the basement pool area near, head to the top left most area and you’ll find this funky cactus.

And That’s That

Hope this helps anyone who’s stuck – the 90s palm tree really stubbed me for a while.

Written by Catbeard

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