BOXVR – Height Adjustment Guide

Ever wondered how to work out with targets matching your size?

Guide to Height Adjustment

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

As a lot of people complain about the targets being way too low, I decided to post that mini guide how to use the game’s automatic height adjustment.

The game features an automatic height adjustment at the start of every class. Specifically anywhere in between selecting the environment and the clock of the class starting to tick down. It measures the height of your headset and sets up the targets in a way, you are able to look over your immediate targets to see what’s next and also to protect your hardware from accidentally getting hit with your controllers on close proximity punches. So the lower targets are on purpose!

How to fix it

You should never start a class in “combat” stance. Your head will be lower that way and the targets of the whole class will also be lower, leading to the impression that all the classes are way too low. Start by standing as straight up as possible until the clock of your class starts ticking down. Then you can switch into the proposed stance. All the targets will retain the same height in the whole class after the initial height adjustment.

How to fix it for advanced

If the targets are still too low for your taste, start standing on your toe tips, your head looking up to the ceiling or both at the start of your class. You may also just take off your headset and hold it over your head or use a small stool. Basically make yourself bigger than you really are to increase the height of the targets the whole class. That also works the other way around of course. But be careful not going too low or too high.

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