Breakwaters – How to Defeat Small Golems (Early Game)

Defeating Small Golems

Sure, there are all of those things to help deal with golems.

Clearing Your Camp:

If you have just blue golems squatting near your camp, then your first job is to kite them away. They will follow you if you aggro them. If they are green golems, you still can kite them away, but it will require some strategy. Green golems throw rocks at you, but if you hid behind a tree or a rock, they will have to move to get a better angle. If kiting them proves too cumbersome, you might have to temporarily move your camp until you are ready to face them.

Now, here’s how to kill them using either a MELEE or RANGED combat style…


(By far the fastest method)

The trick to almost all golems (except giant green golems) is block timing and explosive attacks (hammers or explosive arrows).

First, craft shields. At least crab shields. If you have built a forge already, then craft some steel, harvest some fire grass, and make some steel shields at the Builder’s Bench.

Second, you are going to need a decent hammer (hammers cause explosive melee damage). For 2nd island golems, it is best to craft an iron hammer or better.

Third, practice your block and counter attack timing on crabs. WALK up to a crab and press the RMB to block. Wait for the crab to attack and be blocked, and then lower your block and attack once or twice using the LMB button. Then repeat. When you have that rhythm down and you aren’t running out of stamina, you’re ready to confront the golems. Try the smaller ones first. NOTE: you can block ANY golem attack (water bomb, smash, or thrown rock).

A Note About Blocking And Stamina: With each blocked attack, you will lose a segment of your stamina meter, but when you are not blocking you will recover stamina. If you run out of stamina, you will be stunned as you noted in the OP. If you get the timing down, you wont lose too much stamina during the fight and the crab soon will be dead. (If you feel you need more stamina, for every 2 attribute points you put into stamina, you will get 1 more stamina segment.)


If you are having a lot of trouble with melee, then there is a ranged option: explosive arrows. First, you will need to build the Forge. Then, craft a blue crystal sickle. This will let you harvest fire flowers on the second island without getting blown up. Kill a few chickens for arrows and craft some explosive arrows and a basic bow. (The more advanced bow will require a boat to mine black rock.) Also, craft some stone or steel arrows so you can practice your aim. When you have that down, then go after the golems. You likely will run out of arrows before you kill all the golems on the island, so start with those around your base.

Note: You can still kill a golem with stone arrows, but it will take quite a few of them. You will be able to recover most of them once the golem is dead.

Hope this helps.

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