Bright Memory: Infinite – How to Beat the Giant King on Revenge Difficulty

Guide to Defeat Giant King (Revenge Difficulty)

The trick is to use your sword attacks and weak weapons and ammo to defeat him in the first stage, and to dodge as much as possible.

In the second stage keep using your sword attacks and weak ammo until the soldiers arrive. Providing you have enough exploding ammo types for your weapons, ignore the soldiers by dodging as much as you can and concentrate all your heavy weapons and ammo on the king. It helps if you have the strong attacks on your sword abilities enabled as well.

Try collecting as much ammo in the first stage as you can and save them for the last part of the fight. In my experience if your hand does not hurt by the end of it, you have not dodged enough.

The end boss is much worse. Hope this helps.

Another Tips

Handgun special grenade can slow bosses, use it when they are low health or when he tries to get close.

As for the your main weapon special ammo good for the kill that mobs. lastly spam your blade and shotgun continually. good damage.

What many forget is you have two powerful attacks, tho it takes pretty long to trigger any. However do not also forget the stun mechanic (that is, when an enemy’s lifebar is decreasing you can use the F key to cause a stun), and also the fact the larger bosses have some time windows when you can charge up. The sword throw can be used to quickly damage the bosses, while the flame punch is perfect for dispatching the groups of smaller stuff. What I liked here is that bosses, although feeling panicky and chaotic at first, actually provide very tactical combat – so time your attacks, blocks and evades carefully and everything becomes pretty logical, just don’t rush.

That abilites powerful but like you said it has very long cast time and also you can to dodge while casting. That’s why you have to time ’em carefully. The other thing to watch out is, when using the sword charged attack she somewhat walks forward a little, so you have to reverse fast

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