Bugsnax – Definitive Hat Guide

A definitive list and guide for getting all of the hats in Bugsnax.

Ultimate Guide to Hats

The Basics

As far as I know, you can start collecting hats as soon as you reach snaxburg.

For the hat display and hint board to spawn you have to find a hat on your own first.

Some hats depend on how far you are in the game. If the board is blank, complete more quests and check back after.

The hat display and hint board is on the side of gramble’s barn facing the bugsnax pen.

The image shows the area that the hat can be found in.

The hat can spawn on any bugsnax in that area.

You can reset the area that the hat is in by sleeping to noon in any bed.

Hat List

  • Bucket hat
  • Chandlo’s cap
  • Chandlo’s cap (front)
  • Chef’s hat
  • Clumby’s hat
  • Royal crown
  • Eggabell’s hat
  • Graduation cap
  • Jester hat
  • Lizbert’s hat
  • Party hat
  • Pirate hat
  • Propeller hat
  • Sauce guzzler
  • Shelda’s crown
  • Skull hat
  • Snorpy’s cap
  • Stacked hats
  • Straw hat
  • Top hat
  • Wambus’s hat


Always check every bug in the area, no matter how small the bug.

In scorched gorge make sure to check the ribblepedes that spawn inside the ruins.

If the hat spawns on a bugsnax that you think isn’t worth the effort, you can always reload the area.

I am unsure if the snakpods or the capuceetle can have the hat but it is worth checking.

I would recommend skipping frosted peak if it pops up, it is the largest area, and in my opinion the hardest to search through.

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