Caliber – Traits Guide

This guide covers useful traits that you should consider having at your disposal. It is directed toward new players that jump into this game with little help.

Guide to Traits


Hello, if you are a new player that doesn’t exactly know what to invest your precious credits in, then I’m here to help. Now, here’s a warning – some of the operators that have a useful perk might not be useful themselves, in fact, some are complete trash not worth playing after getting them up to level 12. This is a long journey that will be hard for you and your wallet, but in the end – you will be able to play with your favorite characters with all the useful perks making them stronger than ever before.

The cost of bringing an operator from level 0 to level 12 is —(around 130k, idk, will update tomorrow). You are effectively paying that much on top of the operator’s price for a singular perk. So, that’s a lot of money and time spent trying to obtain it, better invest it in something good, right? Here you will learn what perks will benefit you the most and under what circumstances.

This guide’s sections are divided into four categories as there are only four perk types in this game. You cannot use both perks from the same tree, keep that in mind. Your perks do not scale with the level of the operator you equip them on. Perk levels will remain the same across all operators, no matter their level. In order to level up the perk, you need to level up the operator that the perk came from originally. With that said, let’s dive in.

Physical Fitness


Fully-Equipped Run

The perk improves sprint speed by 5/10/15% while having the primary weapon equipped. Could be used on terribly slow operators like Rein himself. Keep in mind that the speed cap is 6 meters per second, so this perk won’t be useful on operators like Aphela.


Hemostatic Serum

It simply increases your maximum HP by 5/10/15 HP. Most operators will benefit from having this since it will enable you to resist one body shot more from most operators. If you cannot figure out which perk to use in this skill tree, serum is a safe bet.


Second Wind

After getting revived, you get an additional 30/40/50 HP regenerated over 2.5 seconds. Use only on Sterling as this really synergizes well with his kit.


Cold Blood

Provides damage reduction of 10/12/15% upon being inflicted with any negative effect. It’s free damage resist upon being marked, slowed, etc. Use against operators that have a lot of intel-gathering abilities to ensure this ability is up as long as possible. Otherwise, utilize Hemostatic Serum. Great ability to be used on Aphela because it brings down additional damage she receives from her ability’s effect to only 5%.

Protective Materials


Snug Fit

This perk improves stamina regeneration speed by 4/6/8 SP when your armor is undamaged. Yes, that means even a single scratch to your armor will stop that ability from working. Very useful to run on operators that cannot afford to bring stims instead of bandages, but still need to use their abilities or their sprint cost is very high.


Composite Armor Plates

You get 10/15/20 HP restored over 3 seconds upon repairing your armor with an armor plate. Very useful on assaults that can’t count on their medics or just need to get back into action ASAP (often the case while flanking).


Regenerative Materials

This perk repairs your armor at a rate of 2 AP/s. First, it needs to finish repairing one plate before going to another. If you bring that perk to level 2, it will repair your second plate. Level 3 will be able to repair every other plate if the previous ones are fully repaired. Useful only in PvE.

Weapon Systems


Quick-release magazines

This perk improves reload speed by 20/30/40%. Especially useful in PvE on the majority of operators. All of us had situations in which bots were coming in faster than we could shoot them.


Bolt Assembly Modernization

It increases the fire rate of your primary weapon by 0.1/0.15/0.2 round/s. If you use a bolt-action sniper rifle, it also allows you to stay scoped in while cycling your bolt. Snipers that would benefit most from this perk are Kurt and Archer as their fire rates are slow and they are already capable of one-tapping almost all operators in the head (unless their HP is above 130).


Armor-piercing rounds

You get an additional 5/10/15% armor pen. It’s a must on nearly all marksmen.


Heavy Barrel

Provides a damage buff of 5/7/10% at a cost of 50/45/40% in recoil increase. Note that the recoil increase is minimal and easy to manage. I recommend this perk for ARs, LMGs, and SMGs as it brings down average number of body shots required to kill another operator by one.


Flat Trajectory

Extends your primary weapon’s range by 15/20/25% at the cost of headshots dealing 20% less damage. Useful on weapons that have a damage drop of 25 meters or less. Also consider the type of map you will be playing on, if it’s a map forcing a lot of CQB situations, use a different perk.


Lightweight Chest Rig

Your walking speed and sprint speed are increased by 15%. Your stamina also gets increased by 100/125/150 points. You’ll have to sacrifice one mag from your primary and secondary weapons to use this perk. Great choice if you don’t want to run Rein’s ability while having more than enough ammo to spare.

Combat Tactics


Spare syringe

You get an additional 1/2/3 revival syringe at the start of the match. A great pick for medics, especially in spec-ops mode where your teammates die faster than you can resurrect them.


Emergency Aid

I recommend this on almost all medics in PvP, it increases your revival speed by 15/22/30%. You want to be done with reviving ASAP as your enemies will almost certainly push you while you’re getting your buddy up.



If you kill an enemy that damaged you within the last 3 seconds, you recover 8/12/15 HP instantly. You want to have this perk on as default.



The more you get hit, the more damage your weapons deal for the next 8 seconds. Damage increases with the level of the perk, you need to get hit a certain amount of times to trigger the effect, 8% per 5 hits / 10% per 4 hits / 15% per 3 hits. Very useful in PvP, it gives you an edge over your opponent, especially in CQB.


Shoulder to Shoulder

If you have a teammate within 6/7/8 meters of your position, you’ll receive a bonus of 20% additional reload speed and a 10% damage reduction from firearms and explosions. A great perk to use, especially in PvE where you stick near your teammates the majority of the time.

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