Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – Colored Names without Changing Name

Colored Names

Use one of the below codes in your clan tag and your name will be in that color.

Color Chart:

  • ^0 = Black
  • ^1 = Red
  • ^2 = Green
  • ^3 = Yellow
  • ^4 = Blue
  • ^5 = Cyan
  • ^6 = Pink
  • ^7 = White *
  • ^8 = Black

*This color will appear as default if you are only looking at the name in a lobby.

For Example:

  • ^6 in your Clan Tag makes your name pink.

The way it looks:

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  1. To be fair Bone Shaun has cleared up a lot of the befuddled marines wandering off into the darkness and also taken a lot of the infernal crawlers out of the dark passages.Sadly just when you think it is safe to go back in the water it pops back up again it is maybe the random coding.The challenge is as you said the labyrinth upstairs , but I use to record my first successful run then study it at m own leisure for later,Lost more marines by brain fade in the dark and simply getting lost and was often glad to escape with my own life in the early days

    • no fozzii , I’ve been playin cod since cod 1 , I remember cod 2 as daylight 😀 , I just wasn’t into customization and stuff

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