Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – Gentleman Thief Achievement Guide (Warzone 2.0)

This guide will show you how to unlock the Gentleman Thief achievement.

How to Obtain Gentleman Thief Achievement

Safe #1

  • Safe #1 – Diego’s Room
  • Mission 11: El Sin Nombre
  • Code: 02-02-19 (From the Paintings)

Diego’s Room can be found on the 2nd floor of the Villa on Mission 11: El Sin Nombre. You’ll be given a dialogue confirmation when you enter his room. The safe can be found in his wardrobe.

Safe #2

  • Safe #2 – Coffee Shop (Upstairs Office)
  • Mission 13: Alone
  • Code: 10-10-80 (From the Calendar)

The Coffee Shop is found roughly halfway through Mission 13: Alone. You’ll have a scripted event where a dying civilian is banging on a door, who then falls toward you when the door is opened. Immediately after this you have entered the Coffee Shop. Don’t Drop Down! Instead take your first left and open the locked door to find the safe – you’ll need to craft a Pry to open this (1x Binding + 1x Metal).

Safe #3

  • Safe #3 – Garage (Office)
  • Mission 13: Alone
  • Code: 37-60-80 (From Garage Computer)

The Garage can be found next-door to the Coffee shop. To get there drop down to the ground floor. Take a left, head outside and into the building directly opposite. In the back left corner of this building, you’ll find the Garage Office and the safe.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Good guide. It’s worth mentioning that you can just do mission replay, it doesn’t have to be in one story mode play through.

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