Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – How to Fix Crash

Basic guide on how to crash and enjoy.

Guide to Fix Crash

The fix seems to be something silly but it has worked for crash problems since Warzone, so it is probably a bug in the engine.

Step by Step

  • Go to the folder where your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 BETA is installed.
  • Find the game launcher (cod.exe).
  • Right click on it and then go into properties.
  • Click the tab: Compatibility.
  • In the tab compatibility check the following options:
    • Disable full screen optimizations.
    • Run this program as administrator.

Obs: if the game does not want to open, uncheck: Run this program as administrator.

  • Click on Apply.
  • Still in the compatibility tab, click on Change High DPI settings.
  • In the opened tab check the following options:
    • Program DPI.
  • Right below: Use the DPI that is set for my main video when, select:
    • I entered Windows.
  • High DPI Scaling
    • In the option to select Application, System, and System (Advanced) select:
    • Application
  • Press OK to close the window, then on the Compatibility tab click Apply and then OK to close the properties window.

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  1. I’ve made progress when I closed wallpaper engine. It used to crash and I wouldn’t see anything but a black screen. But now I crash right at the loading EULA screen.

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