Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – How to Fix Crashes

A quick guide on actions you can try to stop crashes.

Guide to Fix Crashes


This is a quick guide for people who are running into issues with trying to run the game. I ran into some problems myself so I thought I’d put together a quick guide on possible solutions you can try.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

You probably tried it but if you haven’t you probably should.

  • Right click on the game in your library and hit properties.
  • Go to local files.
  • Click Verify game file integrity and wait for it to finish.

Update Graphics Drivers

AMD or Nvidia you should probably update your graphics drivers, remember to restart your PC after.

You could also trying running DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) if you really want to make sure your graphics drivers are working properly. Make sure you read all the options and follow best practices if you do end up using it.

Update OS

You probably already updated your OS but if you didn’t I recommend doing so.

Edit cod.exe Properties

  • Navigate to the folder containing your game files.
  • Right click on ‘cod.exe’.
  • Head to the compatibility tab.
  • Check ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’ and / or ‘Run this program as administrator’.

You could also try running in compatibility mode for Windows 8 but I would not recommend it.

Close High Usage Programs

If you don’t have a mid / high end PC I would recommend closing any other programs that may be using a significant amount of performance. This will probably be their web browser for most people. Other guides all say closing Discord and other such programs helps but it doesn’t really unless you’re on a really low end system and need to squeeze out every last inch of performance from your machine.

You may also want to run an antivirus scan if your running into performance issues. Probably a silly thing to check but it never hurts.

Disable Overclocking

To edit these settings you’re going to need to do a quick dive into your PC’s BIOS. If you don’t know how to do that I recommend looking up a quick tutorial on your specific motherboard but generally they all work pretty much the same.

  • Switch your RAM XMP mode to I / II or disable it entirely.
  • Disable ‘AI Overclocking’ (not all motherboards have this option).
  • Set CPU back to base clock speed.

Hopefully It Works

Hopefully the fixes in here were able to help you out, if so good hunting, if not I wish you the best of luck.

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  1. Or you know the billion dollar studio could release finished games exp when they cost 70$.

  2. If you’re verify the integrity of the files and you keep getting 18 files couldn’t download. Then add mw2 file folder as an exclusion from Windows Defender. Files will then download correctly and game will stop crashing. That’s what worked for me

    • please could you provide a quick explanation on how to do this. I am getting the same issue as you.

      • Cannot get anything to work, literally tried every solution I can find. Game will just not launch…. tearing my hair out. :/

        • I found a fix that worked for me finally… and it was so obvious. For whatever reason my steam folder was located and downloaded to my desktop and not too my C drive. So, I closed all background applications from steam in Task manager. Then moved the Steam folder from desktop to C drive. Re-verified the files on steam and this time it correctly downloaded the 18 files that were always missing. Restarted my PC, signed back into Steam…. BOOM COD launched no issues at all so far and campaign complete. Moral of the story is make sure your COD Folder and Steam folder are in the same location, otherwise this seems to cause big file issues. GL!

  3. im using a steam deck and cant seem to dl 18 files but the rest of the game dl just fine is anyone else having this issue

    • i think the game is like the other new cods, online only even with the singleplayer. when i open WeMod the game closes itself, i assume this is bcus of the AntiCheat which is online

  4. Windows Page File- set for the drive the game is installed on! not just C drive or all drives.

    Initial size = 1.5x RAM, (eg 16Gb RAM x1.5 = 24 – input as 2400.
    Max Size = 3x the first number ( eg 24000 x 3 ) – input 7200
    Did that for Win11 and issue fixed.

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