Call of Duty: WWII – How to Play as Infantry (Multiplayer)

This is how to play as Infantry in COD WW2.

Guide to Play as Infantry

All credit goes to Abydoble!

Finding a right class for you

Before we get into the Infantry side of things, we need to see if infantry is right for you. First off, we need to find out if you are new to the COD scene. I made a list for you to see how old/new you are to Call Of Duty.

  • 1 Year Or Less – New To The Scene
  • 2 to 4 Years – Used To COD
  • 5 Years And Up – OG

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why do I need to see that list?”

Well I have the answer. You see, Infantry was meant for new players, not veterans to the game. If you have only played COD for a year or two, I recommend Infantry. You can still use the class if you are a veteran to the games, but I would recommend Airborne, but that’s a whole different page.

Why Infantry is such a good class for new players

Infantry has a number of advantages for new players. Every Infantry level up gives you a new perk. I have the perks listed below.

  • Infantry I Additional Primary Attachment.
  • Infantry II Second Pistol Attachment & swap weapons faster.
  • Infantry III When aiming down sights, have less idle sway.
  • Infantry IV Move faster while aiming.

Each of those are great advantages over veterans, as you probably will come across some level 1000 players in your lobbies, if you aren’t one yourself.

These advantages bring us to our next topic, weapons I recommend.

Weapons I recommend for a new player

I have 1 loadout I recommend, but it requires a level 4 Infantry, level 6 1911, and level 6 grease gun. Obviously you can level the guns up and put your own twist on it, but this is just what I recommend.

The loadout is a Grease gun with a reflex sight, grip, quickdraw, and steady aim, and a 1911 with extended mag and quickdraw. You can use any basic training you want. This is the end of the guide for the new players, but if you have a more leveled account or are more experienced, move on to the next topic.

Weapons I recommend for an experienced player

For this loadout, you need basically the same requirements as the last topic, but with a type 100 at level 9 instead of a grease gun at level 6.

For this loadout, you need the same 1911 as the last topic, a type 100 with a reflex sight, grip, extended mag and quickdraw. Use the gunslinger basic training. Thank you for reading my guide and make sure to have fun playing COD!

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