Can of Wormholes – Massive Puzzle on the Black Ship

The Solution

Hint #1: Escaping the starting area and getting in to the bottom-left area (assuming you left the giant wormship in its starting position), is pretty straightforward. To enter the main puzzle area, you need to break that fence. The only way to break a fence is to get a worm food there. How?

Hint #2: The two worm food you start with on the 2×3 island certainly can’t leave, so you’ll need to find another way to make worm food. Say, those little 2-worms on the right side would work great, only how can you get them away from the wall? Check out the insight if you want to see how.

Hint #3: Now that you’re a 2-worm, you have very easy access to the other 2-worms in this area. This will let you make a bunch of food (four in total) and you should have no trouble manoeuvring one into place to break the fence (be careful about when you choose to eat!)

Hint #4: We have access to the main area of the puzzle now, but let’s think ahead a little. The end goal is a 5-worm, we are currently a 6-worm, and there’s 2 food available. This means that at some point, we need to cut a 3-worm out of ourselves. From the insight, you can see what shape we would need that to be, it’s just a matter of working out how.

Hint #5: Use the rightmost fence to push your tail up, eat the 2-worm, and roll twice to cut your tail off in the water, leaving a piece sticking up, perfect for pushing it around. Now that we have our barge, we just need to use it to move the last worm food into place.

Hint #6: You need to eat the worm food somewhere where your head is against the wall and your tail is against the fence. This seems pretty impossible, until you realise that you need to use the barge’s mast as the “wall” you press your head against.

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