Capes – Gameplay Tips (New Enemies Appearance, Fights, Objectives)

This guide contains many useful tips on gameplay and also covers a number of technically important issues.

Useful Tips and Tricks


Appearance of new enemies

The game have a phase count in the top left above the optional objectives. This should at the very least let you know that you should be expecting more enemies to arrive at some stage. Although as you point out it doesn’t necessarily tell you where/when/or what will spawn them.

For the most part the enemies that spawn based on the phases should be relatively fair/far away from the team to allow you to adjust accordingly.

WRT the Androids, there are a number of missions (Tech Support, Heard on the News, and a couple later on) where they will continually spawn as they’re defeated. In these scenarios the primary objective is not to deal with the but do something else entirely, i.e. destroy the Antenna, Rescue the Super, Escape, etc…

So in this respect, having them drop in spots that are inconvenient is intended; the challenge is how do you balance dealing with this inconvenience and completing the objective.

To ease your mind, most missions do not do this, and instead use the phase indicator as previously mentioned.

All in One bonus

The “all in one” bonus is awarded when you complete all optional objectives during one combat session (you can get it on replays). Hope that helps!

List of explanation about the objectives

All of the Optional Objectives that are listed at the base are all broad categories of the types of objectives you should expect on that mission. Once in the combat these are listed in more detail as the Optional Objectives in the top left corner of the screen, and often include a count of how many you’re required to use, i.e. (0 / 3)

Note that it may be required to be used more than once; check for the count in the mission itself.

Team Ups / Teamwork

Means that there will be a requirement involving using the team up abilities of heroes, likely something like; Use Team Ups (0 / 10)


The mission likely has an optional requirement to use a disarm ability or successfully disarm a number of enemies or a specific enemy.

Shield Shard / Proliferation (Facet)

The mission likely has an objective to use this specific action that Facet has available. Example: Use Facet’s Shield Shard (0 / 3)

All-in-One / Anything at once

This applies to all missions with Optional Objectives, and is awarded for completing ALL of the objectives on a single attempt. Completing the first two then on another try only completing the latter two objectives would not award the All-in-One bonus.

This objective is not shown in combat.

How to deal with second Crash Damage fight

Round 1

Facet is still important. Have him taunt Crashdamage, shield on Mindfire, then run all the way to the right. Have Mindfire stand still and nuke the goon with the gun (He needs the focus skill). He’ll get attacked by the lead pipe guy, but that’s why he has a shield.

Use Weathervane as per the first part of the tutorial. I wouldn’t pull the guy unless you’re actually in the tutorial. Have him end at or near where the tutorial wanted him to end his turn.

Rebound can get a hit on Crashdamage, but you can generally ignore him and use this turn to get her closer to the action.

Round 2

At this point, the goons should mostly be lined up, and now Facet is in a good spot. Facet moves two up, taunts Crashdamage, then two over. Drop a growth so the chain lightning can reach the goon closest to Facet. Facet will probably take a lead pipe to the face, but he’ll get over it.

Mindfire should nuke the guy in his face.

Weathervae will move up and push the goon into line. He can now chain lightning and hit all six. If this isn’t the tutorial, he should have his ultimate now as well and can use it to mop up most of the goons.

Rebound should go and deal with the guy getting near the downed super.

Probably a good point to save if everything went to plan.

Round 3+

Now it’s just a matter of mopping up the remaining goons, then going to deal with Crashdamage. Goon mop up should take care of most of your ultimates, except Facet.

When it’s just Crashdamage left, you have a couple of options. You can keep moving in and using one action to taunt, then move away so Crashdamage just keeps standing there. This will slowly build up Facet’s ultimate without taking damage. You can also have Facet taunt, and use your allies as human shields after disarming Crashdamage.

Once he’s taunted, he’ll avoid attacking your other characters. And because he’s a big boy, he’ll have a hard time navigating around them. Start piling on damage, but hold off on killing him until Facet uses his ult and you’ve disarmed him at least three times.

Tips for the rooftop hostages mission

Bring Merc and Rebound, backstab the guys threatening the hostages and run Merc round the outside knocking peeps off ledges, by the time you’re spotted and reinforcements arrive you should have enough ultimate charge on everyone (bar facet if you bring him) that they shouldnt be much of an issue.


How to save anytime during combat?

You can use Quicksave during any hero turn while no actions are being used.

Also there are checkpoint saves, and the game autosaves at the start of each hero’s turn in case you need to quit.

Save files

If this is something you want to do and haven’t seen it, there’s an “show save files” button in the gameplay settings menu that will open a file browser for you.

Save file location

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Capes\Saved\
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