Car Detailing Simulator – Showroom Guide

This short guide explain few important things about cars and showroom.

Guide to Showroom

How to Get Exhibition Room

The Exhibition Room is only unlocked later in the game once you get into the upper ranks of the leaderboard thing. You can purchase a Car Showroom later on for 6000 and that will allow you to place up to 6 cars in it.

Downside is: you still have to buy spaces in that showroom afterward. I wouldn’t bother with it, honestly.

How to Move a Car to a Showroom

You need to move your car to a pedestal in your garage first. Then you can put it into showroom from your panel.


The exhibition showroom is only available to you once you get into the top of the ranking list. The “Move car to another garage” option is for shifting cars about between the second garage you get, the aforementioned exhibition showroom and the larger car showroom you can unlock later on. Protip: hold off on unlocking that car showroom. You don’t seem to get that much more sales wise by putting them there and you’re unlikely to ever use more than two spaces at once as well.


You’ll get the ability to use the two showrooms later. Ignore the second one, it’s largely pointless and a waste of money.

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