Cartel Tycoon – Best Hash for Sandbox Mode

Best Hash


  • No manual save
  • 3x gains / costs on all dirty and legal $
  • 3x Stash & transport capacity
  • $150k dirty / legal starting cash (you guessed it… 3x normal)
  • 50% allegiance decrease on lieutenant non-pay + max experience
  • 70-80% terror gain
  • Research duration removed
  • Construction duration 50%
  • Most everything else vanilla
  • No autosave

Someone above mentioned the “Escobar experience” with very easy settings and it made me laugh after playing for an hour or so. I very much like the idea of playing “as a cartel” and rolling with the punches, planning things carefully, etc., so if we lose our starting capo then we move on. If we don’t plan carefully, we lose money, time, respect, etc. The only downside is having to save & exit then reload if you want to be sure your progress is saved (the game hasn’t crashed on me but I am always preparing for this).

  • Starting cash $150k dirty & legal

Simple – multiply all costs, gains, and starting rates by 3. For whatever reason just seeing more money is more rewarding – and there’s never really a point where too much money is an issue because you either enjoy the game or you don’t. As long as costs are still 3x to match the only difference is placebo really.

  • Boosted all gains + costs by 300%

Bribing, wages/upkeep, construction + research costs as well as illegal and legal good price all boosted. The change in digits simply makes for feeling more powerful and helps to cut the waiting time once you get your first successful chain, and to transition to the setup you really want (specifically for starting with capos who don’t have access to the setup you might want with them, like coca with the salsa guy).

  • Research duration 0% / Construction duration 50%

Too much waiting involved in vanilla for my preference, although this could be adjusted to 20-50% and still be enjoyable. Again, this is just helping to reach the setup / chain the player wants a little earlier. For me, unnecessary waiting doesn’t add anything to the experience if I’ve already made my plans (which should be done carefully).

  • Laundering time – 10-30%

I like the idea of actually profiting from legal businesses. Turning down the time actually allows us to get more money than we put in which is more enjoyable. It makes it so you can have a small setup and make good, consistent money early without having to expand.

  • Terror gain – 70-80%

I actually like the idea of having to play silently, paying bribes to carry out terrifying acts. Great system, but a little too punishing for my taste if I’m not feeling like being hyper focused. That’s what survival mode is for. So I just tone it down.

  • Loyalty gain – 300%

Hey. If I’m building roads, schools and churches (well maybe not schools, yet – although this would be a cool thing to add to improve our capo & lieutenants / their abilities) and putting my hard earned blood money into the community I want more recognition.

  • Attack frequency / power / building power – Normal / 100%

After trying “Escobar Experience” from the user above… it was way too easy and there was almost no challenge. Nothing to prevent the player from expanding and doing anything they want from the very beginning. That is not the Escobar experience, that is kids playing in the sandbox experience. Keeping this at the vanilla level helps give the player things to spend money on (much more bribes / keeping powerful lieutenants on payroll) and to have to promote muscle for their power, and not just the logistic partners in the cartel to be effective. I like vanilla’s balance there so we keep it.

  • Lieutenants: Upkeep 300% // 50% allegiance decrease for pay / max xp

Is a cartel delivery boy really going to demand 6 raises in a few weeks from the capo? I think not. Even the hitters and logistics managers probably wouldn’t ask that much. So anyway, I cut the allegiance decrease in half for both categories and as with the rest of the costs, upkeep for our lovely and useful lieutenants is upped by 300%

  • Stash & transport capacity also 300%

To match our 3x style this is boosted as well and helps to account for the 300% costs of everything. It just helps reduce some of the waiting time, and to begin building the empire you actually want to.

  • Empire destruction – normal, arrests and buildings left enabled

Play smart! Cheers!



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