Cartonfall – How to Find the Secret Exit in Sandbox Mode

This guides aims to teach you how to find the secret exit in Sandbox.

How to “Beat” the Sandbox Mode

Escaping the Warehouse

If you have already finished Cartonfall, you know that the only time you can truly go outside is when you beat the game.

However, you can also illegitimately escape the warehouse in Sandbox mode.

Step 1

When you first enter Sandbox mode, behind you will be an entrance, the same entrance that is always behind you at the start of each level. Walking out into the level and looking up behind you, you can see that the roof of the warehouse is not completely flat, leaving openings. However, on this side of the wall with the entrance, the openings have been closed off. This means we must look to the other side of the warehouse.

On this side, the openings are not at all blocked off, meaning we can escape the boundaries of the map.

Here, I suggest you take an Anti-Gravity bomb or box and throw it at the box structure(s) on this side of the map. Then use these boxes and (painstakingly) attempt to create a sort of stairway with the anti-gravity boxes, so you may reach the openings at the top. Note that this may take more than a few tries, due to the troubling anti-gravity physics of this game, so it’s all about trial and error.

Step 2

Once you are in the opening, walk to the edge, but be careful not to fall into the void. Facing the warehouse, carefully walk to your left, and when you reach the corner, turn to your right and walk all the way down the path (You may need to jump over the supports). The roof here is completely invisible, as it was not meant to be seen by the average player.

At the end of the path, if you look down, you can see the exit. Take the wall to a safe place where you can jump, and jump down.

The Exit

Jumping down, you come face to face with the exit of the level.

Why is there an exit in the Sandbox? I have no explanation for this, but I assume it is an Easter egg they included for people with a lot of patient. Whatever it is, at least you’re here now.

Making a quick jump into the exit of the level, you get the Sandbox mode’s own completion GUI, which oddly states that it is the 43rd level, even though there are 41 total levels in the story mode.

None of the buttons work here, meaning you’re stuck here forever (unless you restart the level or exit to the main menu.).

Conclusion (and level 42?)

In the end, it seems as though this little Easter egg is not of much importance, and is a little cool secret you can look for in the Sandbox mode.

But I want you not to leave this guide without thinking about Level 42. Yes, that’s right.

It is in the game files. But what is it, exactly?

We may never know…

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