Casual Pixel Warrior – Pets Guide

Learn more about the games pet feature and how it benefits you.

Guide to Pets


As a solitude warrior fighting endless hordes sometimes it can be really lonely. What is better than obtaining some companions, so you are not alone anymore. Companions are hereby pets that are cuddlesome, cute and beneficial to you.


Not only are these pets cute and lovely, they do also generate coins!

Each pet can generate a certain amount of coins while you are in your base. These vary from 1 to 5 coins.

When you are in a match, each pet can generate 5 to 15 coins per certain period of time. If you then return to your base, you can then collect all these coins for profit!

Note that pets are very expensive due to the nature of their beneficial component.

Also they really show some love to you! Just approach them and see for yourself.

Available Pets

Currently there are four different pets available to purchase:

  • The dog: A good boi, very loyal and always loves its owner.
  • The cat: A lil grumpy and seems to be always walking on the weapons of the owner right in time when he wants to clean them. Nevertheless it likes cuddles.
  • The goat: It can have a temper at times, but it likes to cuddle and jump around.
  • The fox: This sweet kitsune is very fluffy and likes belly scratches.

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