Cat Cafe Manager – Basic Guide

Everything you need to know about gameplay and walkthrough.

Guide to Basics


Are you cats constantly stuck in place and not moving? Perhaps they always have food the food icon over there head or peeing everywhere? Here is the guide to help!


You need to look at Design Mode. There are 4 things you need to look at: Cat food, scratch poles, cat litter, and toys. The red number next to each of the categories is how many needs the cats have. You need to have equal or greater so have your cats up and running. Also, most items are unlocked through the cat shrine.

Cat Food

There is a visual bug where a bowl will always appear empty. Just know it is a visual bug and one of the other bowls will be ask to be filled twice. Some cats want different food. I placed the highest quality food until the need was full. They I placed different food till the cats all have check marks. Remember to fill the bowls.

Scratch Poles

This will have the same concept as food. You need to have equal or greater or the number of cats needs. Location does not matter for these and they will never need maintenance.

Cat Litter

You need to have a greater number then the red cat needs to have the cats stop peeing on the floor. The cat litter boxes also need to be clean often to stop the cats from peeing. Every once and a while I get 1 cat that pee’s because I did not clean the cat box.


This will be the easiest need to fill. In the witches shop you only need to buy one of each toy. They currently do not stack. Toy needs are filled up through the cat litter if you buy the most $$ one (Litterbox 5000 or Big Litter Box).


Some cats can get perks that help the needs. Make sure to read the perks. Currently nothing stacks so try different perks.

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