Cat’s Kiss – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guide to help achievement hunters get all the achievements in a single place so they dont have to spend time googling it and having this in your internet search history as well.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to Bair!


If you are anything like me you were given this game by a friend with questionable social skills knowing that you like completing games 100% and getting all the achievements in a game. However you have now just like me fallen prey to their temptation and fallen in love with this game and are looking to complete it… but there is a problem… information for how to do things in this game are scarce or if they do exist they are in traditional, 霜淇淋, which is less helpful for your traditional, european, subtitle reading sensibilities.

Now a solution… this guide, which will be your guide into this pit with no option to look back.

A few problems, and probably why no one has made a guide to this game yet. 3 of the achievements to this game are completely RNG based.. those being:

  • Preventing me from getting rich.
  • XiangLi’s Secret.
  • I mustn’t run away!

However most of these will occur naturally as long as you play the game but for the purpose of redundancy and just so i am covering my bases because if you are struggling it is probably something simple you are missing the game works like this.


You have stats you can observe on the left side of the window. you can bring these up any time by talking to XiangLi. From top to Bottom you have:

  • Mood: in the modern versions of the game this ranges from terrible to ecstatic (this can be manipulated by playing board games or using items or talking etc.) in general you are going to want to keep this as high as possible.
  • Affection: this stat increases the more platonic things you do with XiangLi (the fastest way ive found to increase this is by keeping XiangLi in cat form which can be done after day 3 by not kissing her and playing with the bell ball in games after you buy it from the department store).
  • Interest: this stat increases the more romantic things you do with XiangLi (the fastest way ive found to increase this is by sneaking into XiangLi’s bed and using the action button{the right mouse button} on her groin until you engage in the sex minigame with XiangLi but you need to be conservative especially on the first night because doing it the first night will result in an immediate end game and having higher interest lets you get away with more (side note sneaking into her bed and successfully making her climax will unlock the sex option. there is some confusion online on how to unlock it but what it does is let you play that specific minigame during the day also making interest easier to acquire)).
  • Libido: This stat ranges from frigid to inheat it does what you think it does and make it less likely for XiangLi to reject your sexual advances (this one increases alongside interest and can be increased by chatting about sexual things ie. panties sex etc. this option is always the option on the far right and if you dont like the options you are given you can cycle chat options by hitting the x at the top and going back into it this also makes playing games easier because she will change where she is sitting which makes certain games more likely to succeed (for example if she is at the computer it will be more likely she will succeed playing dota and if she is on the floor chinese chess etc. some games have higher chances of success like party games.} the other way to increase this is by going to the department store and buying the aphrodisiac which will increase her interest by about 200 making sexual advances easier or getting the romantic movie pass which is a limited time item {final note ive read that the inventory for limited items at the department store is 4n+1 so if you check every 5 days or so generally you will find new stock))


In the middle you have actions which are from top to bottom

  • Chat: this helps increase your stats. the sexual option lowers the mood from ecstatic to happy but stops there. asking the same questions at different interests and affections will result in different answers. finally if you would like to cycle your options just x out at the top right.
  • Games: these include chinese chess, dota, bell ball, european chess and party games. the success of playing these games increases mood and is affected by where XiangLi is sitting when you ask. dota is when she is sitting at the computer, and chinese chess when she is streching on the floor. european chess and party games have increased chances for success and bell ball can only be used during cat mode and give a big affection boast as well. all these games can be bought at the department store as limited stock items so if you dont catch the game you want just check in 5 or so days to see if it restocked.
  • Work: you work as a delivery man serving different areas of the city. you have 4 different options for making money and the option to go to the department store. these all take 1 action point which you have 2 of in every phase except night when you have 3. During the morning on monday-friday you want to work at the school to get the most money. Noon you should work at the Buisness center, and evenings you should work at the residential zone. the suburbs will never give you adequate money but you need to go there to achieve a single achievement. On weekends saturday-sunday only work at the residential zone.
  • Items: these can only be used once a day and increase yours or XiangLi’s stats.the most useful items include but are not limited to.
  • Gym ticket and dumbell set: increase your max strength 15-5 respectively to a max of 100 strength both of these items are limited items which means you will need to wait until they come back into stock.
  • Romantic movie pass: also a limited item increases interest and if used 3 times gives you a unique H scene.
  • Aphrodisiac: increases interest by a significant amount. very useful.
  • Clam extract: increases max ♥♥♥ up to 9.
  • Chocolate: limited item increases affection by 50.
  • Rest: increases strength at the cost of an action point by about 10 strength.
  • Sex (or the H option): allows you to have sex after you make XiangLi climax by using the right mouse button on her groin until you engage in the sex minigame. it will let you have sex in the middle of the day. this will also end the day. buying limited time props like the pillow dildo etc. can be used in this mode.
  • Sleep: ends the day.

Other Important Information

Finally the stats in the top right in case you havent already read the rest of this include.

  • Phase/action points: there are 3 phases mourning, noon and evening, in mourning and noon you have 2 action points which allow you to do things and during the evening you have 3
  • Strength: you will start out with 40 strength max this can be increased by the dumbbell set and gym tickets up to 100, usable strength is increased by items rest and sleep
  • ♥♥♥: this lets you come more during H scenes this starts at 2 and can be increased to 9.

The Smell of Money

  • The smell of money is an easy achievement, it can be earned by working and making a lot of money. this will happen naturally but if you cant get the event to trigger see work in the introduction, essentially you just need to do the job that will make you the most money in that given timeframe ie. it is the mourning on a monday-friday so i work at the school and it will almost always be a guaranteed first time

Turn on the Faucet

  • Turn on the faucet is another fairly easy achievement. all you need to do is make XiangLi climax this can be done within the first week, all you need to do is increase your strength and her interest sneak in and use the action button on her groin until it initiates the H minigame and give you some interest. by extension this also unlocks the sex option during the day. if you cant get it get a strength of 55 and just grope around when you sneak in it wont unlock the sex option but you will get the achievment

Preventing Me from Getting Rich

  • Preventing me from getting rich is an rng achievement ive read on places people have trouble achieving it. this unlocks by working in the suburbs. if you spend everyday working in the suburbs and have an interest and affection >250 it should be a guarantee you will get it.

I Like Them Both!

  • I like them both! Is an achievement that occurs naturally after day 3 and happens after a cut scene explaining how the player kisses XiangLi every mourning but this mourning she wakes up before he has the chance to kiss her.

XiangLi’s Secret

  • XiangLi’s secret is another rng achievement people have trouble with. essentially you get it by coming home after work and getting a cutscene where you catch XiangLi doing something, in order to get the achievement you have to peep to see she is rubbing up against a table. again if you cant get this achievement interest + affection >250 i would also suggest having sex a couple of times but that might just be a superstition it may not have an effect on occurrence. also work for one action point and return home the next for a couple of days to maximize occurrence.

I Mustn’t Run Away!

  • I musn’t run away is the final rng achievement and occurs when you are forced to come home after a long night of working and decide to not peep into XiangLi’s room this will play a scene where she losses her mind and has sex with you while you are sleeping, to maximize chance of occurrence interest + affection >250 and libido: inheat and mood ecstatic. if you cant get these rng achievements keep increasing stats and keep trying and you will eventually get it.

Cohabitation Life

  • Cohabitation life is an achievement you get by beating the game and getting the cutscene where XiangLi runs into your arms instead of leaving. On the surface this one seems like it is another rng achievement but you can predict what ending you will get by how open her dresser is, if it is fully open it is a guarantee that she will live with you in the end. in order to beat the game you make enough money to buy 3 key items from the department store a magic book for around 2000, a wooden mask for around 4800, and a wood carving set for around 6900 when you buy the set it will play the final cutscene so make sure that your stats interest + affection are high enough for the dresser to be open.

Culinary Killer

  • Culinary killer is an achievement that occurs naturally after you beat the game and get the cohabitation life ending. you will get a cutscene where XiangLi asks what you want to eat and then expresses that she doesnt want to go out from then on it will play a cutscene after the afternoon and going into the evening where XiangLi will cook. if you want to get this and for whatever reason it isnt happening just keep talking to XiangLi.

No Horny

  • No Horny is a bonus achievement you get for failing the game on the first day. You get this one by having sex with XiangLi on the first day that means you sneak in at night and right click on her groin until it plays a cutscene where Xiangli is disappointed in you and the maid ends up killing you. this can only be achieved on the first day.
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