Century: Age of Ashes – Actual Pro Tips

Looking for some more tips past the gameplay basics? I hope that this short list will provide you some valuable ones.

Tips for All Players

Non Class-Specific

  • It is very important to be mindful of your surroundings. When some enemy locks their fireballs onto you while you’re out in the open, key to survival is knowing your points of interest. What I mean by such a point is the place you would need most in your specific situation. If you are low on health, know where the next shield is, if it’s stamina you lack, know the nearest place to regain it, if you’re in need of dodging fireballs, know where the nearest cover/pillar/wind tunnel is. Do not begin looking for these points when you need them, but before you do.
  • Generally pick up as many shields as possible. Even if your shields are already almost full, not only might that little bit of extra still make a difference in the end, but it may also deny an enemy who is more desperate for health from getting it. The ladder is especially important when you are actively being chased and holds true for wind blessings and the life essences in spoils of war in the same way. In gates of fire, you could also attempt to snatch a shield that is very close to a gate an enemy flag holder is about to pass, denying it them. Just don’t be a ♥♥♥♥ and steal a shield you barely need from a teammate who is obviously heading for it as well.
  • Don’t fly too much in straight lines. Even if you think nobody is going after you, the best way to avoid fireballs is to not even allow enemies to aim at you. Fly random curves, circle around cover, go through wind tunnels and buildings and generally do whatever you can to not be too exposed in the open. This will also help with getting rid of any fireballs that enemies were still able to aim at you.
  • In carnage, know when the drakepiercer spawns. It will appear twice each game, once when there are 4:30 minutes left on the clock and once when there are 2:00 minutes left. Since it will always spawn in the same location, specific to each individual map, it is a great strategy to be at that spawnpoint exactly when the time is right. Press “R” to use the drakepiercer and aim it like a normal fireball. Once you have it locked on someone, it can’t be dodged and will instakill them regardless of health. The best target for the drakepiercer is therefore anyone who is at a lot of health or in the best case someone who is currently berserk. If you hit, it will be the best feeling ever. Just keep in mind that the drakepiercer might not be dodgeable but it can still be wasted by hitting an obstacle or simply shooting it while you don’t have it locked in on anybody.
  • Did you know you can brake? I can’t believe I have to say this, but braking, it turns out, is really good. You will dodge almost every fireball if you brake, turn at least 90 degrees, then quickly boost away. By default, the brake key will be “S”, but I recommend you put it somewhere else because it’s really hard to use it if you leave it on “S”. Personally, I have it on “Shift”.
  • Ram into walls … sometimes. Yes, seriously. If you are being chased through a tunnel or building or cave, ram into a wall to quickly come to a halt, then do a 180 and boost away in the other direction. If the person chasing you doesn’t react fast enough, they will zoom right past and be off your ass quickly.


  • Don’t rely too much on gust. Clearing all fireballs is one thing, but you still need to somehow get rid of the enemy that shot them at you. I hope the things I detailed above will help with that. Additionally, try dodging fireballs normally whenever you can. There will be times where that’s impossible, and those are the right situations for a good gust. Spamming gust whenever possible will ensure that you don’t have one ready when you really need it.
  • Did you know you can cancel your hunter’s mark by pressing “E” again while it’s active? I know how much it hurts having to do that, but when the person you have marked escapes really well, maybe you just gotta do it anyway.
  • Marauder just isn’t that good in carnage. If you’re playing marauder in carnage and doing well, congratulations to you, but I rarely ever see that happen. I highly recommend at least trying out the other classes for carnage, see for yourself if it makes a difference. Instead on the other hand, Marauder with gust is super op in spoils of war if you are good at dodging (But only if you are).


  • There are a lot of good places to put mines. Don’t just throw them anywhere, but instead place them on a shield/wind blessing, or inside a narrow tunnel so an enemy flying through can’t get past, or at the exit of a wind tunnel where they are basically undodgeable and nobody expects them. In gates of fire, it is suuuper op to place mines onto the actual gates, stopping the enemy flag holder with great efficiency. I have no idea why you are even allowed to do that. You could also generally throw them somewhere an enemy is about to fly. If you time it well and the conditions are right, the mine can deal up to three bars of damage that way, since it deals more the closer they are to its epicenter. Just keep in mind that you can’t hit the enemy directly with your mine, it always needs a place to stick. This strategy is therefore best used in narrow tunnels when you are right behind your target.
  • If you turn invisible to get rid of people chasing you, fly a sharp curve directly after doing so. This will ensure that your chasers don’t find you just from continuing in the direction you last headed. After that use your time being invisible to find a shield or stamina if you are in need of either (once again, it is good to already know at this point where you have to go). Ideally try to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy once you are full again and unload your extra powerful fireball onto them from close range.
  • Once again, shields! Shields are a phantom’s best friend, because they only have three health bars. Snatch them all! (And while you’re at it, place a mine where the shield you took was)


  • Stuck somewhere with enemies chasing you and no stamina? Worry not! Instead, find an ally who is really far away from you but to whom you have a line of sight. Use your salvation surge on them, then don’t move and relax as you rush to the other side of the map ludicrously fast. If you and the person you are targeting aren’t actually in need of extra health, you can cancel your salvation surge just before arriving at them by pressing “E” again, giving you a mere 5 seconds of cooldown before your salvation surge is ready to be used once more. As an added bonus, you cannot trigger any mines during your salvation surge rush. If this sounds like bug abuse, that’s because it is.
  • In gates of fire, use smoke trail to smoke the 2-3 gates that the flag bearer is about to pass next. (Regardless of whether the current flag bearer is an ally or an enemy, this is a good thing to do).
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