Century: Age of Ashes – Tips and Tricks for New Players

This guide explains how to be the best player in the Century: Age of Ashes game.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

  • If being chased, brake and turn the other way, confuse them, do this multiple times if you have to.
  • Air currents block fireballs/other projectiles.
  • Put brake on shift instead.
  • In Spoils of war just focus on the objective and try return gold as fast as possible preferably 100, classes important are phantom and windguard use their abilities when escaping with gold and don’t start fights or kill, most likely be targetted.
  • If someone is chasing you don’t try fight them with turning you will die, lose them/brake and find them.
  • For SoW (Spoils of war): phantom, windguard, GoF (Gates of fire): Windguard, smoke when being chased with the flag or help the flag carrier with smoke, phantom, place mines by the gates.
  • By this point you’ve realized mara is kinda useless for most modes.
  • To dodge, hold brake and turn to the red lines and boost.
  • If being chased as phantom fly through a tunnel with mines/place some.
  • Fire breath and frostbolts destroy armor which fireballs don’t.
  • During phantom rage you are invincible to damage except gas and blast, but you can use this to collect as MUCH gold as you can, afterwards you go invisible.
  • Windguards shield ability can be used to make an ally go beserk or you can use it to fast travel to a teammate if they in your view + shield them, as in faster than regular flying
  • Blast can remove smoke and remove phantoms invisibility.
  • Any damage while invisible as phantom will make you visible, smoke, wall damage.
  • If you want to get high on ranked, don’t soloque. Get a group of high level players and grind though I wouldn’t recommend that for the sake of your mental health.
  • If getting chased as windguard, smoke and then u-turn and hide in the smoke, they can’t hit you in it and they’d get damaged.
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