Chained Echoes – How to Beat Assassin Girl (Optional Boss)

Guide to Beat Assassin Girl Boss


Currently in Act IV and finally opened up NE Perpetua. At the end of the screen is an optional boss called Assassin Girl.

She does one of three actions per turn:

  • Insta-kills 2 random party members (ignores defense and buffs AFAIK).
  • Or, uses Thousand Daggers, which brings everyone’s HP to 1, but does not kill (again, ignores defense and buffs).
  • Or spends the turn to dash back to the next phase of the fight.

Tips to Beat

Beat her woth Glenn, Amalia, Sienne, and Egyl with no switching.

The boss is basically one big DPS check: kill her as fast as possible. All phases, especially the early ones, are crucial. Don’t even bother attacking her summons.

Glenn is there for All Break (preferably with a break extender crystal) to debuff the boss.

Amalia is there for rez and aoe healing once the 2nd summon comes. Equip the Silver Lining passive to save yourself one res.

Egyl will use Iron Will and Luring Bang to draw aggro from the boss. He can tank two of the boss’ insta kill hits with Amalia’s Revive as a back up.

Sienne can use Shadowstep to avoid the insta kill hits at lrast two times.

You can probably switch around Glenn and Sienne for other DPS but I think Amalia and Egyl are key. There may be more efficient methods (how about the entire team having Silver Lining?) but this is how I beat her.

For reference, I beat her right before I finished the final dungeon of the game.

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