Chained Echoes – How to Beat Assassin Girl (Optional Boss)


Currently in Act IV and finally opened up NE Perpetua. At the end of the screen is an optional boss called Assassin Girl.

She does one of three actions per turn:

  • Insta-kills 2 random party members (ignores defense and buffs AFAIK).
  • Or, uses Thousand Daggers, which brings everyone’s HP to 1, but does not kill (again, ignores defense and buffs).
  • Or spends the turn to dash back to the next phase of the fight.

Useful Tips to Beat

Beat the boss with Glenn, Amalia, Sienne, and Egyl, no switching. It’s all about DPS: hit hard and fast, ignore the summons.

  • Glenn debuffs her with All Break; use a break extender.
  • Amalia does rez and AoE heals, especially after the 2nd summon. Use Silver Lining passive to save on a rez.
  • Egyl tanks with Iron Will and Luring Bang, drawing boss aggro. He survives two insta-kills with Amalia’s Revive as backup.
  • Sienne dodges insta-kills with Shadowstep at least twice.

Amalia and Egyl are must-haves. Might find more efficient ways (everyone with Silver Lining?), but this worked for me, right before the final dungeon.

After you beat the Assassin Girl, you get the Light Tablet for the God King side quest, plus SP for skills and a Grimoire Shard for new abilities. She’s optional, not needed for the main quest.

Alternative Way to Beat the Boss

Beat her with no ult weapons by keeping your team fast and strong. Skip healing; just revive. Use Poison, Bleed, and PARALYZE. Beat her before summoning backup.

  • Amalia focuses on Raise/Revival. Glenn backs up with All Break if you’re ahead.
  • Robb hits with Toxic, Poison, Paralysis Shots, plus Paralyze on hit for extra chances. Swap with Lenne for elemental damage when all three statuses hit.
  • Sienna deals damage and Bleed, dodges instakills, and uses Overdrive when low on TP, with a TP boost skill as needed.
  • Victor generates TP and uses Bee Sting, focusing on Paralysis. Consider Drunken Master for more AGI to dodge instakills.

Kept Victor and Sienna in, rarely switching. Victor’s focus on Paralysis over switching for more damage worked better.

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