Champions Online – Black Fang Guide (Therakiel’s Temple Second Boss)

Guide to Black Fang Boss

Black Fang Mechanics

Black Fang gains stacks of enrage per attack blocked and if someone is too far away.

  • The tank must only block every third strike.
  • Healer and DPS must stay behind and away from him.

Black Fang has a Boom attack that is a Chain Spin and must be blocked.

  • This does not build stacks.

Black Fang spawns ADDS. These must be taken down immediately by DPS.

Black Fang roots a random target. That target must block as they will be charged.

At each one third of HP missing, he will roar and wipe threat off of the team, then jump up in the air.

  • The team must block as he comes crashing down unto them.
  • He will then stun the team which needs to be broken out of.
  • DPS Threat Wipes or will risk grabbing aggro. If they block or run from him, they build enrage stacks and he will wipe the team.
  • Tank must re-acquire aggro on Black Fang as fast as possible.

When almost defeated, he will call in a horde. Roars of the big werewolves buff his damage.

  • This horde must be handled immediately.

When the horde is handled, Black Fang can be burned down and defeated.

Black Fang Notes

  • It is better to die than to block.
  • Keep adds off of the healer.

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