Champions Online – Therakiel Guide (Therakiel’s Temple Final Boss)

Guide to Therakiel Boss

Therakiel’s Mechanics

Phase One

  1. Therakiel hits very hard so it is advised to block his combo hits.
  2. He periodically spawns adds which must be disposed of.
  3. He will root a target much like Black Fang. This has to be blocked.
  4. He will choose a target with an AOE fireball much like Valerian. This has to be blocked and teammates must be avoided.
  5. He will choose a target to eye-beam. Mirrors must be used and pointed at this player while standing on one of the four Light Pillars to free them.
  6. He will use Dissonance, a small aoe, usually on the Tank. This multi-hitting circle around the Tank is to be avoided, and blocked by the Tank.
  7. He will spawn dark columns that chase players, called Rifts. They slow and damage players so blocking them is not the answer: Just walk out of them.
  8. At One Third health missing, he will transition into Phase Two.

Phase Two

Phase two consists of two sub-phases

Sub-Phase one – Block Phase

  1. He will turn blue and block, reflecting damage like Baron. Avoid hitting him.
  2. He will adopt an aura marked by either a yellow or a purple icon: Light or Dark.
  3. Three Hellementals will spawn: Hellemental, Dark Hellemental, and Light Hellemental.
  4. Killing them will spawn Statues much like in the corridors, one random, one dark and one light.
  5. If Therakiel has Dark, players must enter the correct aura globe and get Light. If Therakiel has Light, players must get Dark.

Sub-Phase two – Combat Phase

  1. He will recover and DPS must threat wipe while Tank must immediately aggro him. Generally speaking, this is only if aggro is on DPS.
  2. He will continue to use phase one abilities, but will no longer spawn adds.

He will also use Sword Spin, his Ultimate (Only upon ⅓ HP).

  • If the players have Dark, they must not block.
  • If the players have Light, they must block.
  • !(Therakiel will repeat the above sub-phases until defeated)!

Therakiel Strategies

Tank will engage Therakiel and turn him towards the altar, beginning phase one.

  • His combo hits very hard so it is advised to block it.
  • DPS must dispose of adds immediately.
  • Phase One ends with one third of Therakiel’s health missing.

After phase two is initiated, he shortly enter Block Phase, wipe his aggro table and may be targeting a random player other than the tank.

  • The tank may cautiously build aggro back up by hitting Therakiel’s Block, but it has to be small hits. He will target the tank once successful.
    During this, DPS must position the Hellementals safely.
  • Being pushed into an aura during Combat Phase is undesirable, but the tank will need to be able to reach the correct aura.
    During Combat Phase the tank must position Therakiel away from Rifts and Auras (Therakiel takes time to move, so be patient and wary).

Therakiel Notes

  1. Therakiel is mechanically intense but learning all the necessary information soon makes this fight a non-issue.
  2. Positioning the Hellementals’ Auras is crucial to surviving the Combat Phase. Having someone with a knock that can position the auras and knows where to put them is always very useful. Mostly, you want the auras lined up in one end of the map, close enough that everyone can reach the necessary aura but the Tank can also position Therakiel so that nobody can get knocked into them. Wipes happen when people can’t reach the auras, be careful if you are the one with the knock.
  3. Majority of the fight is about paying attention and remembering. Calling out which aura to get and whether to block or not is a good idea.
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