Champions Online – Vladic Dracul Guide (Therakiel’s Temple Fourth Boss)

Guide to Vladic Dracul Boss

Vlad Mechanics

Vlad stays on his perch at all times.

  • He must be engaged in an uncomfortable tight space where he uses AOE attacks that must be blocked.
  • Block his tells while DPSing and Healing.

Vlad spawns bats.

  • These must be killed immediately as they remove abilities and can wipe the team.
  • Bats also get stronger the more blood they drain from players.
  • Kill Bats Immediately.

MT Tanks Vlad where his throne is.

DPS can help by destroying the throne.

Vlad has the following attacks:

  • Sword Slam: AOE. Block it. It knocks players down.
  • Thunderclap: AOE. Block it. It knocks players off the ledge sometimes.
  • Bite: Single target self heal. Block it or he heals.
  • Blood Command: He says “Your blood obeys me” and creates a Life Drain effect.
  • During Blood Command he reflects damage so block.
  • After Blood Command the healer must Stake him.
  • Healer can get stakes from the coffin behind him at the start of the fight.

Vlad will say “Away with you” and Cage a player.

  • Caged players must be freed by breaking the Orb under the Cage.
  • If this happens to the tank, DPS must Threat Wipe when the tank returns.

Vlad Notes

  • He enrages after ten minutes and wipes the team.
  • Block correctly and kill bats.

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