Chaos – Bugs, Glitches & Inconsistency Guide

Literally every bug, glitch & inconsistency that i have found in chaos.

Guide to Bugs, Glitches & Inconsistency


Chaos is a pretty good FPS game but I failed to not notice how unbelievably buggy this game is

Note: This is not direct hate to the developers of the game

Here are all the Bugs/Glitches I could find.

First Kill Achievement

The achievement “First Kill” is bugged.

It states to get your first kill in multiplayer but its simply doesn’t work.

Some players in the forums have stated that you have to use a specific gun, but state that it’s random? They advise it helps to get a kill with every gun.

You have to use a specific gun for the kill, but it’s random. So kill someone with each gun. I’ll help if you guys need it. Trade achievements. You guys start a server run through the guns on me until it pops, vice versa. It’s the only one I’m missing too. Just a pretty vacant game multiplayer from what I’ve seen.

Note: This achievement has been removed

Repeated Reloading

Sometimes when reloading, you can repeatedly press reload to reset the reloading animation.

Its extremely annoying if you spam click a lot to ensure you start reloading.

Shooting Mines

Some maps have mines on the floor which explodes when someone steps on them and they look like an orange glowing square with a metal border.

If you shoot a mine it will not explode but the game will register this as a hit and play the hit sound effect and cursor animation for hitting a normal enemy.

Mine Explosions Rendered Behind Transparent Objects

The explosion effect from mine render behind glass or any other transparent objects

Hit Yourself With Your Own Rocket/Grenades

On laggy enough servers and moving fast enough, you can hit yourself if your own rocket or grenades

Guns Missing Names

Bellow the ammo count of your gun will display the name of your current weapon

But many weapons have their name missing

Grey And Black Guns

Some Maps give certain guns different lighting which makes them look either lighter or darker.

Stuck In Free Camera Mode

Sometimes when joining servers that are on the space map you can get stuck in free camera mode.

Not 100% sure why but it might be because of the game mode being ‘FFA Perma Death’ and when joining, it just puts you in an already dead state.

Can’t Leave Server

While in free camera mode you can’t open the pause menu and leave the server.

This is especially bad combined with the previous glitch.

Multi-Kill HUD

When killing 2 or more players/bots in a single shot from using explosions, Only 1 name would be show on your screen of who you killed. The rest are ignored.

AI Arena Killed Yourself HUD

If you kill yourself in the AI Area mode using explosions. Right before the screen blur you can see that the game rewards you for getting a kill… on yourself.

It would show “KILLED: “

AI Arena Targets Floating

In the AI Arena map there are some red & white targets on the wall of the tower.

If you break said walls the targets will not move and stay in place mid air.

Zero Gravity Box in Arena Map

You can be effected by the zero gravity box by sliding against the wall in the Arena Map.

Most Kills/Deaths Not Accurate

At the end of the game the names displayed for the most deaths and kills are not accurate to the actual score.

Most Kills/Deaths Differ Between Players

The screen which shows the most deaths and kills differ between different players in the server.

Repeated Wall Jumps on Laggy Servers

On laggy enough servers, you can repeatedly wall jump off the same wall to gain massive speed.


Again, this is not direct hate to the developers of the game.

I just thought it would be interesting to document all the glitches in chaos that I could find.

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