Chef – Ingredients Guide (Vegetables & Time Required)

Vegetables: ingredient price, cooking time required, taste values, quantities. How cooking time works. Vegan & Vegetarian recipes.

Guide to Ingredients

Ingredients Panel

Price and Taste Values From Recipe Editor

Recipe Template Quantities

Many recipe templates require a minimum quantity of a vegetable tagged ingredient. For example, sauteed vegetables requires 100g of one vegetabe tagged ingredient.

Some ingredients (garlic & black truffles) can only be used in small quantities so cannot be used to meet the minimum requirements of a recipe template. They can still be added for flavour and taste, but another vegetable must be added to meet the recipe template requirement.

Cooking Time Required: When It Matters

Matters a lot:

  • Soups.
  • Vegetable side dishes (e.g. sauteed vegetables, grilled vegetables, roast vegetables).
  • Most recipe templates that require cooking equipment (e.g. grill).

Matters a little/doesn’t matter:

  • Recipe templates that only use a counter (e.g. salads, sandwiches, most desserts).
  • When the recipe already contains another ingredient with a higher cooking time required.
  • Certain ingredient types don’t increase cooking time required e.g. spices.

Vegetables with Low Cooking Time Required

When no ingredients are added, sauteed vegetables takes 2:30 to prepare:

Black truffle, beet and pickles don’t add to the total time required:

These ingredients increase the time required, but not by much:

These ingredients can be used and still keep the time required under 7 minutes:


A creamy soup with a low cook time and maximum flavour, taste and skills.

The basis of a good sandwich. Just add veg.

This is a weird one. I didn’t have many compatible ingredients with rocket and I needed another nut recipe on the menu. A lot of these ingredients have a blue level of flavour compatibility with each other so I could still get 50 flavour.

The recipe works when any veg is substituted in the first slot. Using pickles instead of rocket reduces price and cook time.

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