Chimeraland – Chimera Pet Cultivation Guide

Legend has it that in ancient Greek mythology, there was a monster named Chimera with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a python. It devoured both men and beasts and was extremely ferocious. However, travelers who manage to tame it will discover that it makes for a good mount.

Guide to Chimera Pet Cultivation

Chimera Challenge Guide

The Chimera is a 8,000-year Noble beast that spawns randomly in the world. Travelers can track the noble beast icon on the Map to locate it. Note: 8,000-year Noble Chimera comes with the Blessed buff which requires travelers to have Breakthrough Seal I, II, III, and IV in order to damage it.

The Chimera has a variety of skills, including both Melee DMG and Ranged DMG, so travelers itching to challenge it on their own had best wait till their battle power reaches 40,000 or more. When challenging as a team, it’s best to challenge if each member’s battle power is more than 30,000.

Challenge Guide

  1. After locating a Chimera, remember to place Marks such as Camp and War Banner nearby to avoid traveling a long distance after reviving to prevent the Chimera from returning to full HP.
  2. Remember to have sufficient medicine for yourself and your pets, enable Auto-Feed Low HP Pets, and increase the Feed limit as a Chimera’s ultimate deals fatal damage, and low HP pets can be killed in an instant before they can be attended to.
  3. Travelers are advised to equip runes such as Royal Tempest, Divine Cudgel, Bellow, Radiance, Axe Dance, Battering, Phasianid Dash, and Lightning Cascade to increase their damage and reduce damage taken.
  4. When challenging as a team, it’s better to divide and conquer as a Chimera’s skills are mostly area attacks, making it easier to manage when splitting up.

Capture Guide

Travelers can capture a Chimera to obtain a [Temp.] Chimera or Chimera Egg, or kill it for its drops.

When the Chimera’s HP drops to a certain range, it can be captured with an epic or higher grade mustard-shot crossbow. Note: At this point, travelers need to remember to Recall their pet to prevent the Chimera from being killed.

Chimera Cultivation Guide

Travelers can capture Chimera themselves or purchase a Chimera egg from the Auction House. The Chimera’s starting ATK/HP/DEF qualities are 71/72/67. Its max level is 60, Bloodline Conversion Rate is 5%, its talent attribute—Ranged DMG Reduction is 4.8%, and it can unlock 7 inherited skill slots.

The Chimera is a land mount that has 6 skills that’s available at Lv. 0.

The Chimera’s skills are mainly AOE Melee DMG, which makes it suitable for Totem Challenge, but it lacks flexibility and isn’t suitable as a PvP pet. So, it’s best to make it a PvE pet and select Melee DMG Increase, Ranged DMG Increase, Melee DMG Reduction, Ranged DMG Reduction, DEF Break, Crit, and Crit DMG for its equipment and skills.

Travelers can feed their Chimera Braised Lobcray Meat to increase their quality limit. This is a Grand Treat that requires a beast material, Trileaf Skin, which can be obtained from a wide range of sources. It can be obtained from killing beasts or purchased from Home Shop > Inkblack Shop.

Tips: Cray-type beasts generally have a thick, protective shell and have amazing defense. So, travelers are advised to use the pipa as their main attack weapon as the pipa ignores their defenses, thus making it more effective in killing cray-type beasts.

In addition, Chimera’s morphing and dye are also very distinctive. Its three heads can be independently shaped, so even if it devours other beast heads, its head remains unique!

While it’s fun to morph and dye, travelers shouldn’t forget to feed food and Maturity Pills to improve their Chimera’s Level and quality in order to unleash its full strength as a legendary beast.

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