Chimeraland – Farming Guide

Just going to put this out there as I had some difficulty figuring this out properly and since it’s a part of Main quest to eventually do some of this, I thought this might help others who would end up in my position.

Guide to Farming


Seeds can be acquired by harvesting wild plants.

Seed Inventory

Or purchased from your crafted Home shop.

Home shop Menu

Proceed to place Farm fields around a Core Pylon (Both are obtained earlier through questing and can be crafted later in your Forge (Notice that plants of higher rarity requires farm fields of higher rarity)).

Forge menu

Placing of fields and core pylon

For a plant to grow we must fertilize the fields. To the bottom left on your screen you will find your building menu.

Once that’s open you will get the usual building menu to appear in your bottom right.

Click on the one called “Farming” Or alternatively use the default hotkey: F7.

Pressing the farming button enables the viewing of the farm fields stats.

When you can see the stats, you can left click the field to open a fertilizer menu.

If done correctly, your farm fields should change visual state and look something like this.

The next step is to plant your seeds. Open your inventory and select the “Home” tab for easist overview. use a suitable seed that corresponds to the level of the farm field you’ve placed.

Place the seeds, 1 seed per farm plot.

Once placed, you can interact with the seeds to further add fertilization to the plant itself.

Where as the field fertilization enables for plants to grow, fertilizing the plant itself will speed up its growth.

Once done, you can hover over the plant to see when it’s done growing.

When the timer is up, simply approach the crop and hit F to gather.

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  1. Can you use the mud lamination as a foundation base from the build mode and plant near the house?

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