Chimeraland – Useful Tips for New Players

Here you can find some useful tips for newbies.

Beginners Tips

  1. Don’t have high expectations about this game its more focused on creative elements than pvp.
  2. Focus on leveling up skills so you can gather more wood,stone,hide.
  3. Choose wisely your pet.
    1. Some pets are better than others. You will need to invest a lot of time in “upgrading/evolving” pets. For example fairy pet (you can obtain it after cca 50lvl) lvl 10 can easly beat horsedeer lvl 30.
  4. Use portal to gain more exp.
  5. Try to complete all necessary event quests and you will be grateful for that.
  6. If you want move things in house first you will need to destroy them->house menu/panel->claim.
  7. For faster traveling tame condor so you can fly aroud.
  8. If you want change facation you will need to complete some quests and for changing facation you will need to pay ” facation tax” about 500jade (you can go there without paying taxes but you will be caught and then killed).
Written by ZixyKing

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