Chivalry 2 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a comprehensive guide detailing a way of getting for all achievements in the game. If you have never played this game or are just hunting for achievements, this guide will show you how to get them all. The search function of a browser may be used to find a specific achievement faster (Ctrl+F). I wish you success in getting all the in-game achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to Xealeen!


  • Difficulty level of achievements: Easy.
  • Total achievements: 41 (100%)
  • Offline achievements: 0.
  • Online Achievements: 41. (100%)
  • Estimated time to complete all achievements: 60+ hours.
  • Minimum number of passes for 100%: None
  • Glitchy achievements: None.
  • Missable Achievements: None.
  • Achievements with difficulty levels: Yes, see more info belo.
  • Required DLCs for 100% achievements: None, Base game is enough.

Achievements in the game are not very difficult — many can be completed alone without the help of friends. The only problem is that many of the achievements take a fair amount of time to unlock.

Please Note: ingame counters for many achievements are extremely broken, so you can get some achievements earlier or later then you actually complete them.

Map Achievements

  • Win Dark Forest 5 times
  • Win Dark Forest 10 times
  • Win Dark Forest 25 times

The Battle of Darkforest is perhaps the prettiest map available in the base game. It takes place in a Black Forest-inspired area with the Agathians on the defense against the Masons. It’s sort of like a payload map, though the eventual goal is to assassinate a member of Agaithian royalty, not deliver a bomb.

  • Win Coxwell 5 times
  • Win Coxwell 10 times
  • Win Coxwell 25 times

The Slaughter of Coxwell takes place in a small village with no idea of what’s about to happen to them. The Masons charge into the village with the intention of killing any and all peasants who stand in their way, as a show of force.

  • Win Lionspire 5 times
  • Win Lionspire 10 times
  • Win Lionspire 25 times

The Fall of Lionspire takes place as the Masons decide to take on the city of Lionspire, controlled by the Agathians. The map is essentially a two-way siege, with both sides able to take the fight to the other over a variety of different progressive stages.

  • Win Rudhelm 5 times
  • Win Rudhelm 10 times
  • Win Rudhelm 25 times

The Siege of Rudhelm is another siege defense map that, once again, has the Agathians as the aggressors and the Masons as the defenders. It’s a bit more interesting than Escape from Falmire thanks to its open initial battles and its better-designed Fort interior.

Kill Achievements

  • Kill 10 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 50 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 100 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 250 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 500 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 1000 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 1500 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.
  • Kill 2000 Enemies in a Multiplayer match.

Take the class and weapon that you are best at and just kill everything in your path.

Killing bots in training or MP matches counts for this achievement

Playing the wrong game

  • Achieve 100 kills as Archer

Feet on the Ground

  • Achieve 100 kills as Footman


  • Achieve 100 kills as Vanguard

Deus Vult

  • Achieve 100 kills as Knight

Get 100 kills as each of the 4 classes in the game.

Each of them divided into 3 subclasses (12 in total). You can check kill count in Class menu.

There is information that you need to get 100 kills for one specific subclass, but this is not the case – it is enough to have cumulatively 100 kills within the class.

The Things I Do For Love

  • Make an enemy fall to their death

Push an enemy down with a punch or kick, causing them to fall and smash to death upon landing. Another easy way to get this achievement is to push enemy to the water, which usually means death.

Battle Of The Bastards

  • Kill an enemy wielding a bastard sword, with a bastard sword

The knight class is armed by default with a bastard two-handed sword.

Bring Out The Big Guns

  • Get 50 kills with siege weapons

Glitched: only ballista kills count.

Brave Brave Sir Robin

  • Get 50 kills in one match

Glitched: Some people need to make more kills to trigger achievement (about 53-57 kills). Also bot kills is not allowed for this achievement. I got 50 kills with bots and it didn`t triggered.

Long Range Menace

  • Kill an enemy with a projectile from over 100 meters

Use archer bow or crossbow.

Baker’s Dozen

  • Kill 13 enemies with bread

Surprisingly, killing with bread is easy enough. Play the Tournament Grounds map and go up the stairs to pick some bread and throw it at the wounded enemy’s head.

Night Knight

  • Get 10 unarmed kills

Press 6 to use your fists and make final strikes by killing en enemy.

Glitched: steam counter for unarmed fists can still show you “0” even if you make some kills. Seems like it`s ok, just keep on killing. Bot kills allowed

Seeing Red

  • Achieve 2 kills in a row without dying while under 25 health

Glitched: some players get the achievement by getting kills while at full health, as in the example below.

Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Win as Agatha 10 times
  • Win as Mason 10 times

Get 10 victories for each side.

Glitched: it may take more than 10 wins to get achievements. Perhaps this is due to the fact that only those matches are counted in which you were from the very start, and did not join later. Also I believe that matches with bots doesn`t counts.

I got better!

  • Get revived from a downed state

You need an ally to get you back on your feet by pressing the E key after you get knocked down with non-lethal damage.

Field Medic

  • Revive 10 downed teammates

Same thing as previous achievement, but this time this is you have to revive your ally, when he was knocked out. Hold E for a few seconds to help him.

Fight In The Shade

  • Fire 1000 arrows

You might have flashbacks from the Let It Rain achievement in original game which you had to fire 10,000 short arrows. But here everything is much easier: Shoot only 1000 arrows.

Glitched: also apparently observes a bug with a broken counter, i.e. it shows fewer shots or no shots at all. But at the same time, if you continue to shoot until the achievement can still be unlocked.

This Is Fine

  • Die from fire

A fairly simple achievement that requires you to fall into a fire or get hit by an oil bomb.

The Count

  • Successfully counter 200 attacks

In order to perfectly counter attack the enemy, you need to press the block (RMB) when the enemy attacks and immediately in the process of blocking, perform the same type of attack as your opponent — Normal (LMB), Vertical (MMB down) or Thrust (MMB up)

On a successful counterattack, you will see a blue shield icon with “counter” written on it.


  • Deflect 100 projectiles

Press RMB right at the moment when enemy throw a projectile into you.

What Do We Say To the God of Death?

  • Bandage yourself 3 times in one life

Press “5” button on keyboard to use bandage.

You have only one bandage, but you can always get more from supply chests.

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