Chivalry 2 – Baker’s Dozen Achievement Guide (Easy and Fast)

Get this achievement in under 5 minutes with this guide, It is easier than you think!

How to Obtain Baker’s Dozen Achievement Guide Easy and Fast

Just follow these steps:

  • Open the game and Click on the Play button.
  • In the upper part of your screen you will see the tab Offline. Click on it and select Offline Practice.
  • Choose the map Tournament Ground, you will find enough bread there. Select Free For All as the Game Type. . Maximize the Bot numbers, Time and Score limits, and so you will have enough time to do everything in a single run.
  • Start the match, then select Knight Class and have AXE as your secondary weapon (I will explain it later why).
  • Find the Stairs in the map. Go up and you will find bread there. Pick one of them up.
  • Bring out your AXE and damage one of the Bots with a Single Normal Swing.
  • Now throw the Bread in your hand at their Face by pressing and Holding G (Default Throwing Key) so they will die with the bread.
  • Do this (13 times) and you will get this very rare Achievement!


    • No, some of them like getting 50 kills in one match won’t get unlocked when you are playing with bots.

    • UPDATED: I started a Team Death Match on The Fighting Pit map. got around 60 kills and the achievement got unlocked!
      It seems it is just a bit buggy, but it works with the bots, can confirm that.

  1. Its actually easier to do the Brawl game mode, normally very small rooms and a table right in the middle with bread all over it, no swords so more chance for you to jump in and take the kill with a flying loaf

  2. Thanks so much! I got 68 kills in a game without bots and it didn’t pop so I was wondering what i did wrong.

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