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Guide for New Players

Choose the Correct Mode

To begin with, you can learn how to play Chivalry 2 only by mastering the local combat system. It is best to do this in a suitable mode, where you will not be distracted by dissatisfied teammates in the chat and there is an opportunity to quickly revive.

The “Every man for himself” mode is an ideal option for starting.

It is recommended to sit in it for at least a couple of days until you completely get used to the game and its combat system.

Here everyone is for himself, and you are instantly reborn after death. This mode is ideal for testing different classes in Chivalry 2 and all types of weapons. Once you have honed your combat skills, you can try team modes for 48 or 64 players. Then you will definitely not be bullied in the chat, because you will already be able to do at least something, and besides, there will definitely be a friend who did not read our guide and immediately after launching Chivalry 2 climbed into command modes.

Important Basics of Combat

So, in Chivalry 2, the combat system is a key component that needs to be mastered first. Otherwise, you will be constantly killed and you will not get any pleasure from the game. To begin with, we note that there are 3 types of blows in the game: normal, chopping and overhead. At the same time, every move in Chivalry 2 takes away your character’s stamina. Accordingly, as soon as he is completely exhausted, you will lose the opportunity to parry and generally somehow defend yourself in battle.

Many beginners, when they realize that there is a parry in the game, begin to constantly use it. Yes, it helps not to get damage from any kind of attacks, but at the same time it “eats up” endurance very much! The same thing happens to your opponents.

To begin with, you need to learn how to skillfully use parry and start doing everything possible so that the enemy in the fight is exhausted faster than you.

The easiest way to achieve this effect is simply to move away from the blade flying at you, and at the right moment break the opponent’s shield with your foot! It is a timely kick that should be trained first of all, because thanks to it you will not spend too much stamina on parrying and destroy the enemy’s defense faster in order to finally cut his head off his shoulders.

Identifying the Classes

There are only 4 classes in the game: knight, infantryman, vanguard and archer. At the same time, each of them has 3 subclasses, of which one is available immediately, and two more will open only after pumping. At the same time, each class has 4 types of main and additional weapons. In general, for beginners in Chivalry 2, there is still a lot of important information that you will have to remember after you get used to the combat system.

The fact is that the game offers a good balance between classes, and mercilessly chopping down everyone, for example, an infantryman, you definitely will not succeed.

You need to remember what a representative of a particular class looks like in order to understand which weapon is best to use against him. For example, you choose the vanguard class and by default get a heavy axe in your hands. It deals 30% more damage to knights and 21% additional damage if you went to a showdown with an infantryman. These are really important bonuses that will help you easily deal with knights in battle, but at the same time you will clearly understand that you will not even have time to run to the archer, as there will be a pack of arrows in your body.

The easiest way to identify a class is by weapon. If a two-handed sword and heavy armor, then a knight, if only a two-handed, then an avant-garde. When you notice a pole weapon in your hands, then, most likely, an infantryman is in front of you. Well, the archer, I think you’ve already guessed what he walks with.

Don’t Let Yourself be Surrounded

In Chivalry 2, almost all fights are mixes in which dozens of people take part. That is why situations when someone is surrounded or cornered are common here and, naturally, they all end with the instant death of a poor soldier.

You need to constantly make sure that this does not happen to you. Basically, when you see that 2-4 people are coming at you, try to use the farthest attack that your weapon has, and constantly move.

This will make it possible to save time, perhaps even kill someone, or it may happen that in all this “meat grinder” your potential offenders will be killed before they reach you. In Chivalry 2, warriors are very vulnerable from the back and from the sides, because you can put up protection and parry only those blows that go straight to the forehead. Remember that!

Why Did You Kill Your Comrade?

As in many other multiplayer projects, there is a so-called “friendly fire” in Chivalry 2. Accordingly, when you start waving an axe over your head like a madman in a crowd of allies, you will most likely chop off the skulls of a couple of your partners. As a result, you will get a lot of negativity in your address, points will be taken away from you, and the team is guaranteed to be not in the best position.

In order not to have a terrible thing happen, I would recommend that beginners do not use hacking attacks at all and fend off enemies only with stabbing and overhead attacks.

At first, you need to get used to chopping blows and learn how to use them effectively in a tight cabin, so as not to harm your allies. Nevertheless, even when you master the combat system perfectly, you will not get into a situation where there are several allies next to you, then it is still better to abandon hacking attacks.

Chasing Attacks

If you suddenly didn’t know, then Chivalry 2 has not only throwing weapons, but you can also throw everything that comes to hand at your opponents and teammates. You can even throw your main weapon at someone, but in this case it is better that you have a competent plan of retreat or at least some kind of weapon next to you. Otherwise, this strange trick, with a high probability, will cost you your life. So I would not advise beginners to just throw their sword, spear, or whatever you have chosen.

Throwing weapons is a very effective thing against enemies who have little health.

You should pick up the weapons of soldiers who fell in battle or some improvised items and try to finish off the “cowards” who are shedding from the battlefield in this way. I would also recommend that beginners learn to throw weapons at opponents purely by inertia before they die. They’ll kill you anyway, but at least that way you can take someone with you. Use throwing weapons in Chivalry 2, and you will definitely be satisfied with the result.


This is where our guide for beginners has come to an end. Now you know exactly what Chivalry 2 is and what components of the gameplay you need to pay attention to first.

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