Chivalry 2 – Brave Brave Sir Robin Achievement Guide

How to get Chivalry 2’s most-glitched achievement!

How to Obtain Brave Brave Sir Robin Achievement

All credit goes to Mr. Pizzaꑭ!


Brave Brave Sir Robin

  • 50 kills in one match.

Boring Personal Story No One Cares About

This achievement is bugged and in recent weeks I’ve seen more and more people posting about how they cannot get it.

It’s frustrating when you constantly get 50+ kills per match and the achievement still doesn’t unlock.

I tried everything, and this is what worked for me.

How to Do It

  • Play offline mode with bots. Not the beginner mode with players and bots. Offline with just you and bots.
  • Play Team Death Match. The map I played was “The Battle of Wardenglade”
  • Set the number of bots to maximum. Set the tickets to maximum. Set the time to maximum, etc.
  • Kill bots until you get at least 50+ kills. Make you get killed at least once after you have 50 or more kills. Try to get at least 60+ just in case.
  • Keep playing until you win the match. You probably won’t get the achievement on the first round.
  • Once you win, let the next match load and basically just repeat the same thing.
  • Once the 2nd match has started, get 50+ kills.
  • Get killed at least once after you get the 50+ kills.
  • If it doesn’t work after the 2nd match, some people say it can take a couple more matches.


This is what worked for me. No other technique I looked up was successful.

I hope this gets you your well deserved achievement.

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  1. After trying since the game has released, I finally got the achievement. Thanks for the great guide. P.S. I got it with 70 kills in second game XD

  2. This worked for me, got 50+ kills in the first match than middle of second match it popped when I hit 60 kills. Thank ya so much! I had done the requirement in a reg match with 57 kills (team didn’t win though) and the achievement didn’t pop so glad to see this worked.

    Thank ya lots! <3

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