Chivalry 2 – Long Range Menace Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Long Range Menace Achievement


Long Range Menace

  • Kill an enemy with a projectile from over 100 meters


  • Map = Lionspire
  • Part = Bridge to Castle
  • Weapon = Warbow. Better dont try it with the other one.


There are probably a lot of spots to get this Achievement and here is one of them!

Using the Arrow camera for the first shots will help you find the right direction! I was standing on the „Village Square´s Statue“ and shot at the Castle Door to kill someone who´s coming out and it worked very well! I shot about 30 Arrows and killed 3 People, but the Achievement worked only for the last one(Maybe its a little bit buggy…).

Final words

Please don´t try it when u probably lose the Game, then better help your Team!

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