Chivalry 2 – The Coxwell Heist Guide

This guide will teach you the Coxwell Heist in Chivalry 2.

The Heist of Coxwell

The Coxwell Heist

Infantry burn the village and peasants of the mott and bailey castle of Coxwell, yet their pathetic burdens are of no concern to us, for today we shall live in infamy, as fortuitous blessings from the gods doth rain down showers of gold upon our pauperous disheveled deeds forthwith.

As lo our hands red and devilish in lion’s much, we find the heartblood of the Agathian line dropping with golden dew, ripe and ready to be swallowed hole. Pillage The Castle of Coxwell swollen with Agathaian riches and levy them a fee for that which is due.

Stealth is an option.


In this heist mission, you will play as a Mason. While this heist is completable in stealth and loud modes, I would personally recommend stealth and only go loud if absolutely required. Once you go loud, this heist becomes much more difficult to complete.

Stage 1 – The Civilian Rent-a-Cops

The first stage involves taking out the civilian rent-a-cop security at the front of the village in the field. These people do not have pagers so you need not worry about stealth at this point. Once they are down, focus on the gates of the village and enter as stealthily as possible making your way to the hot and spicy sticks and grab them and use them to take out the security huts. Try to flank to the sides as you come in and try and get the furthest hut you can so that every attemp is easier and faster. This is the most efficient method.

Stage 2 – Security Huts

Once security has been taken out make your way to the first line of guards and use your harsh words on the door until it comes down allowing you further into the bailey where the first vault is held. Technically there are two vaults in this area but only nerds go to right vault. For the purpose of honor and asserting dominance over the church, this guide will focus on the left vault. If you want to learn about the right vault, then seek your submissive knowledge elsewhere as there is none to be found within the confounds of this guide.

Stage 3 – The Church Vault

Now you must be careful as you enter this area, as this is the first time you can trigger the pagers from the guards. As stealthily as you can, make your way to the church on the left and either go around it or through any open doors within the church itself. On the opposite side of the church, you will find the vault filled with gold. Pick up some of the gold pieces and put them into your hands of holding and pile it inside the church around the corner where it sint very obvious. Repeat this many times. Guards can put the gold back into the vault. If you have other members, start a choo choo train of victory moving these from the wall spot to outside the back of the church. Then from the church backside, either move them to behind the cart or behind the stone fence wall. The last position will be returning them to the caraVAN for extraction. Loot the vault enough and you will obviously have nothing left to loot and must advance to the next area to continue looting. Unlike world of warcraft, you do not have to return to a quest npc and begin a new quest, you must simply hold W and advance forward.

Stage 4 – The Heist

Now the next security gate will be just outside the keep and have a large area filled with piles of gold all over the place due the gold being in the middle of a delivery. If you can rush to the middle area and focus priority on either the back of the pillar or the far rear piles. These take priority as picking them up is mostly done with your back towards the guards which makes pickup very unlikely. They are also closer to the guards spawn which makes it more difficult to reach before a defensive hold is ready. I would then probably focus on the sides as they are much more funneled and should be taken if available as the middle area is actually the easiest as its open from many angles while the sides are very oriented towards a single pathway. Once you’ve stolen all the gold feel free to leave the game as your heist is complete.

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