Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition – How to Win 10.000 Points on S.S Zelbess

Hey everyone! On this new version/port/remaster of Chrono Cross, they disable the option do Pause the game during the Roulette mini-game on the S.S Zelbess, and because of that, the trick where you could pause the game, see where the needle/compass was and then unpause the game to always hit Jackpot is gone!

Guide to Win 10.000 Points on S.S Zelbess


In this new version, it’s a little trickier but the same can be applied! All you have to do, is press ESC while the compass/needle is spinning, until you see (will be a little difficult because this ESC Menu makes the game a little dark to see) the red pointer in this area between West and South!

After you see the red pointer is in this area, and this part is tricky, press ESC again while holding X (Playstation Controller) or A (Xbox Controller) that will make the input to stop de needle/compass, making you hit Jackpot if you get it right!

Your points will start to double, and in no time you’ll get 10.000 points and the achievement!

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  1. On the nintendo switch version, you can see where the needle gets suspended when you hit the ‘home’ button. It it gets suspended between W and N, then rapidly press the A button to return to game. This will land the needle on N everytime. Cheers.

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