Cities: Skylines II – District Magic Guide

A brief write up on districts!

Point of Context: Why!

Ever wonder where your garbage trucks or hearses fleet whenever garbage and dead bodies piles up everywhere in the city and you are seeing smelly or deadly orange icons flooding your city?

Only to find them all cluster on the highway due to an accident on the road…

Ever thought you could actually designate where your fleet goes (apart from everywhere!)?

Well you could!

Where to Start

Oddly, to start any district is simple enough as drawing using paint pencil tool!

Vola! a district is drawn!

And What’s What In It?

When click on a district it given you some policies options and overview of who service the district!

Who Are the Service Provider?

Now this is the crux who are these service provider?

More over where to click to designate them service to the districts!

Notice that orange button, yours is likely blue. But regardless you need to left click it and left click on those district you like to be service upon, while right click to remove them from those provider if they lose favor!

Written by Aieonae

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