Cities: Skylines – Tips for Map Creation (Map Editor)

What you need to use for a new Map Creation in the Map Editor.

Map Creation Tips

Where to create a map

  • Only use the MAP editor and keep in mind that most mods do not work in the map editor.
  • Therefore, deactivate most mods you are using for your game!

For example, you don’t use Cross the Line nor No Border Limit Camera mods inside the map editor, and you should deactivate them actually because there is no line nor any limit on a camera in the map editor.

Just to make sure it’s clear because this is mind-twisting

An example:

When you make a map to share with everyone, use only the map editor!

Why? If you build a map inside the game environment, every single mod you are using right then has a good chance of making a giant mess for others to try to run, because they will also have to use some or many of those mods – it will be in the data you share.

Savegame versus a Blueprint

  • It is published as a savegame, and not a map, which is another clue that it’s different. A true map (those that are found under the maps part of the Workshop) is a blueprint. If done right, a map will not carry over any mod alterations along with it – just a blueprint. The information there gets read by the players’ new game, and then poof, there’s no more connection to the Workshop map. Its job is done, players get to decide what mods (meaning CODE mods – props, trees, decor are not coded mods) they want to use.

Mods which can be used

  • You can certainly use the road mod Network Extensions 2 and the Workshop road assets inside the map editor.

Placing items onto the map

  • It is not to be advised to place any buildings which are not available in the map editor normally.

Only decoration building category (big rocks and any buildings that the asset creator imported using that big rock category will be fine (you will have to ask or know what you’re doing to determine if something is that map-editor friendly AI category).

These are really the only ones you should place on a map.

e.g. place any road/rail you want is definitely possible. Even small streets!

Do not place pedestrian paths!

  • You can place them, but they’ll be invisible until the map is used for a new game). The 2 mods required for that, More Network Stuff and Prefab Hook.

You can have a maximum of 4 of each transport type

  • There is a mod for unlimited connections, however, it (or a mod that conflicts with it) can completely toast your map.

This is why even real-world maps have only 4 highway connections, even if the real map overlay has more. When making a map, if you do something risky like the more than 4 connections I mentioned as just one example, and you publish that map, you have a chance of passing a disaster on to players whose save game might be ruined at some point.

Best Advice

Make your map as complete as you can get it within the (admittedly very limited) confines, within the map editor.

Finish everything on that map that you can complete.

Save/publish, then if you want to add some fancy/nifty/unusual stuff to the map, or bring it into the game environment and place whatever you want, you have a safe, secure, and completed backup map, without any mods that left something behind.

If something does go wrong, you haven’t lost the whole map… and you don’t pass on something that will break the hearts of us, passionate city builders. Our cities are our lives! (some of us have no real one).

Hope this has been helpful.

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