City Game Studio – Tips for Game Sales

How to Make a Profit with the Games

Starting in 1982, there’s a vidéo game crash. You shouldn’t make game for consoles (only computers or gen 4 consoles, ie grantendo GES).

Quick tip. To get more fans you can max out the price of a game, then make a 95% for 6 months. On a decent game (score above 70%).

When you create a game, don’t put money in marketing campaigns till you get around 1k fans (including announcement).

When you create a game engine, to make money, chose a proprietary license, and set a royalty around 20%. Within a year or so, the competition will start using it, and you’re going to get money.

Once you’ve released at least 2 games and made an engine, loan some money. Enough to get more than 500k $, so you Can open a cheap New office and hire 2 employees. Afterwards make a _perfect_ indie game, and you should get a score above 85%.

On top of that, you can keep making contract, but those ain’t interesting as is.

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