Civilization VI – Information/Atomic Era Guide and Tips

This guide will guide you through the atomic/information era as well as show you some tips. I hope you find it useful.

Guide with Tips to Atomic/Information Era

Nuclear Weapons

Before using nuclear weapons, you must make sure you have researched the, “nuclear fission”, tech. After this, it will unlock the manhattan project. If you would like to unlock it as fast as possible, I recommend producing it in your capitol. Once completed, you have the option to build a nuclear device in the menu when choosing production. If you want to build a larger nuke, you can research nuclear fusion. Doing this will unlock operation Ivy. This will allow production of a thermonuclear device. After this, you may use a nuclear submarine, bomber, jet bomber or nuclear silo to launch a nuke. You can do so by clicking “WMD Strike”. You can see how many nukes you have in the top right corner of the screen.

You should be careful when launching any nuclear device. It is not always a good idea to launch a nuclear strike directly on the city center. The nuke will destroy all tiles connected to it. The thermonuke will destroy even more tiles. Both will contaminate all tiles it destroyed. If you do not know where the nuke will hit, I recommend launching one in the middle of the ocean in on unclaimed territory to know where they will hit when bombing a city. When invading, you should launch them on the tile that will destroy the least amount of specialty districts.

Defending from Nuclear Attacks

Defending from attacks are very important. Do not be fooled by the bots, because they will use nukes as well. I recommend keeping a Mobile SAM at all city centers. If the city is on the coast, a missile cruiser or destroyer will work. These will destroy the nuke before it makes it to your city. They will also help defend against air attacks on any surrounding tiles. Just remember, other civilization can also do this, so check before bombing a city.


When declaring war to conquer another player’s city, make sure you are a declared friend to as many civilzations as possible. It’s best to use casuis belli when declaring war. Make sure to declaring a formal war instead of surprise war to decrease warmonger penalties. Another option is a joint-war. Even though warmonger penalties are increased, it can be helpful to have someone fighting alongside you.

Tactics of War

The best weapon by far to use for war is air attacks. Bombers and extremely good for pillaging and nuclear attacks. Fighters are more useful for closer land unit or naval attacks. The weak spot is against anti-air class units. Naval unit can also be useful. The missile cruiser is good for defending against air attacks, or destroyers which deal much damage. Both air and naval units are good for destroying melee or ranged units when embarked in the ocean. Embarked land units cannot defend and are vulnerable to any type of attack.

It can also be good to keep a machine gun or rocket artillery at a city center on top of the protection received from walls to fight nearby enemies.

One of the absolute best ways to invade a city is to declare war, nuke the city, and invading it at the same time. You can do this by setting a melee unit on the boarder of yours or an allied country, and making sure you have something in range to nuke with, and the melee unit can reach this city on the same turn it is nuked.


Gold can be essential for trading and purchasing immediate units. Units also cost more to maintain later in the game So it is a good idea to keep a strong income. One of the highest incomes for gold is trade routes. Always keep as many as possible to prevent you from going into debt. Another way to prevent going into debt is to use some of the following government policies.

Commercial Hubs

Commercial hubs provide a good income. It also unlocks the project, “Commercial Hub Investment”, which provides a lot of gold every turn. I recommend this being the first thing that is built when a city is built.

Space Race

When you are late in the game, you will be able to compete in the space race. If you don’t already know what this is, it is projects that you can complete to launch several space ships. If you launch them all before anyone else, you win a science victory.


The most useful space race project is, “launch earth satellite.” This reveals the entire map. It can also be useful to be an ally of a civilization who has already completed the project. It’s recommended that you produce space race projects in the city that can build the fastest.


Sometimes, when you build a space station, you will find that it sometimes gets pillaged when no visible enemy can be seen. This is because other civilizations (including NPCs) will send a spy to disrupt rocketry. It doesn’t tell you where the spy is. One way that will help is to counterspy on the space station. It can also be useful to send spies to disrupt rocketry to other civilizations. You do not have to be at war to send spies.

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