Coloring Pixels – Coloring Made Easy for Your Hands

This is a simple guide on how to decrease the strain on your hands while coloring your pixels.


This is a simple guide on how to color your pixels while being merciful for your hands. With normal settings you can get quite the strain, since you have to keep holding your mouse button down and carefully color and re-color pictures. Mouse settings are shown in Windows 10, but similar settings should be found on other systems too.

In this guide, I show the recommended settings in the game and also a neat trick you can do with a mouse, called Click Lock. With these settings to game and your mouse, you can color with ease without having to worry about re-coloring or holding mouse button down.

In Game Settings

In the game settings, if you switch lock the pixels once they’re colored, you can draw more freely. Every pixel colored right stays that way.

This is how it looks like in the settings:

To decrease further the amount of clicking, I’d recommend to switch on the setting, where it hides the completed colors from the palette.

Here’s how it looks like in the settings menu:

With these two settings on, you don’t have to worry about drawing over other colors and backtrack.

Mouse Settings

These settings are for the mouse. Settings are shown in Windows 10, but the idea should work in any other formats. (Don’t be confused of my Windows color)

Using the click lock, you can hold mouse button down for a moment, and then it will stay down. Then you can just paint the pixels without having to hold the button down yourself. To release the click lock, you hold the mouse button again for a short time.

First search the mouse settings:

Then go to the additional mouse options, found on the right side of the menu:

On the mouse settings, turn on the Click Lock:

On the Click Lock settings, you can also choose how fast the click will be locked. Remember to hit Apply once you’ve got the settings you like:

Now you have automatically holding mouse button. Once you leave the game, you can switch the settings off. This will help with the strain on the hands significantly.

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