Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Scrin Croatia Mission on Hard

A quick and dirty guide to making the Croatia mission in the Scrin campaign manageable.

Of Assimilators and Men

The previous mission, Munich, introduces the mechanic of teleporting units using the Mastermind. With the latest patches, you start in Croatia with a Mastermind and can quickly build Assimilators, who can instantly capture enemy buildings. See a pattern?

That’s right, the key to avoiding getting overwhelmed and ground into fine particulate is using Assimilators and your free Mastermind – after getting some breathing space.

Before you start fiddling with the Mastermind, get a Portal going and destroy the bridge to the GDI base. Use your starting Buzzers to catch the attention of the Sonic Emitters and make them collapse the bridge over the Tiberium-filled chasm. The Buzzers are free and by moving them back and forth you can ensure the bridge is down in just a few moments. The AI will not rebuild it.

Next, you need to hamstring the enemy economy. While both sides start with a generous credit reserve, you can take them down by using the Mastermind to teleport a couple of Assimilators next to their refineries (GDI is easier, since it’s not covered by Watchtowers or Sonic Emitters; Nod might take a few tries). The AI will not rebuild refineries on either side.

After that, you can also shave off the Tech Lab or Tech Center, to ensure no high level units are used against you.

With both their income and tech gone, you are looking at waltzing through the level once you have enough Stormriders going.

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