Command & Conquer: Legions – General Guide (Buildings, Technology, Alliances)

This guide focuses on giving new players a general guide to the direction of the game.

Guide to Basics


Buildings are the foundation of development in the game. In the early stages, players should focus on upgrading their buildings to quickly reach a level 25 Construction Yard. Among these buildings, the Alliance Center, which increases the help limit, is very important.

Each help received reduces the current time for construction, research, and healing by 1%, significantly accelerating development. Thus, the Construction Yard and Alliance Center are often the highest priority in the building process. Buildings not beneficial for development are attended to only when they are prerequisite requirements.


Technology, which follows building, is the second fundamental element in the game. It should advance hand in hand with buildings. In the early stages, given the same cost, economic technologies are generally prioritized over military technologies, especially those accelerating building processes. These technologies need to be maximized as soon as possible, as they significantly enhance the early building-centric phase. Research acceleration technology is also important.

Gathering technologies do not need to be upgraded too high. Early-stage gathering technologies that can be unlocked for free at the Free Base should be slowly upgraded later based on actual needs. In the middle and late stages of development, when advancing to higher-tier military technologies, it is best to specialize in a single troop type, as in most cases, only one troop type is deployed for combat, and having too diverse technologies can be less effective.

Battle Power

Battle power in the game is determined by multiple factors, with technology and officers being the most significant. Officers of Decent, Elite, and Epic can awaken quickly, so it’s not necessary to focus too much on them. To quickly build battle power, you can prioritize awakening officers like Luna, Li, and Gareth, based on troop needs. As the game progresses, Epic officers will gradually become obsolete, so cultivating Legendary officers is crucial.

Maxing out all skills of a gold officer to reach the strongest awakening form requires a large number of the same officer’s dossiers. Given the limited availability of these dossiers, it’s essential to focus on the strongest one or two for intensive training. Besides the universal dossiers, early exp chips and merits are also scarce and should be used judiciously.


Alliances are very important in this social game. The help, technology, and gifts from alliances greatly assist individual development and combat. Therefore, joining a good alliance is crucial, as lone wolves or small alliances struggle to survive in the game.

VIP Points

VIP points can be obtained not only from recharges but also from signing in and participating in events, or they can be purchased 1:1 with Gold. VIP bonuses are considerable, and the daily free chests consistently provide officer’s dossiers.

To ensure long-term development, enhancing the VIP level is essential, starting from V14, where you get three officer’s dossiers per day, quickly awakening a Legendary officer.

The Classified Dossier

The Classified Dossier, also known as the universal officer’s dossier, is one of the most important items in the game, used for the rapid development of officers.

In the game, troop types are classified into T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5, each representing troop levels from 1 to 5. For example, T5 stands for a level 5 troop.


In the game, each officer has five skills, with the first four being basic skills. Once all these four basic skills are upgraded to the highest level (level 5), the final Expertise skill can be activated.

Since each upgrade randomly assigns a skill point, it’s common to accidentally allocate points in the wrong direction. At such times, it’s crucial to learn how to use skill locks. Skill locks can prevent later skills from being upgraded, making it easier to allocate skill points to the desired skills.

Learning to lock skills is crucial for early officer development, just like with the officer Marcion. His main strengths lie in the first two skills, while the third skill is for wilderness battles, and the fourth skill is supportive. Therefore, I can lock in a 5511 allocation. This saves a significant amount of resources for later stages, and the same applies to other officers.


After the game has been operational for a while, new officers are introduced through events like the Jackpot and Commander Showdown. The Jackpot requires Gold for draws, while Commander Showdown awards prizes based on activity point rankings. The final phase of Commander Showdown, due to the points being primarily earned through kills, is particularly hazardous.

It’s advisable to use a protective shield during this period. Because compared to the first few days of the event, killing is the most efficient way to score. Please activate the protective shield to ensure that you do not become a stepping stone for top players aiming for the event leaderboard.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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