Command & Conquer: Legions – How to Obtain Morelli Officer

Guide for Morelli, the purple hero. If you don’t have any legendary heroes with similar attributes, don’t worry about it. Just focus on developing Morelli!

Morelli Officer Tips (Who Can Play as a Clear-Out or Support)

Morelli is an epic hero that is relatively easy to obtain and has low development costs. He is also versatile and can be used with any type of troops, making him a great hero to pair with any other heroes you have.

Introduction to Morelli’s Skills:

Morelli has an active damage skill, passive damage enhancement effect, healing effect during and after combat, fast movement after killing monsters, no need to return home to heal wounded soldiers, and strong sustained combat ability. Its jungle clearing efficiency is very high, and it also increases jungle experience (up to 70% experience bonus when the third skill is maxed out).

Morelli’s Talent Suggestion:

As a main commander, it is recommended to prioritize the Clear Out talent path for Morelli. Skill points should be assigned to reduce stamina consumption, gain additional resources, and increase experience gains.

Ways to obtain Morelli:

  • Open Event: Morelli’s Trial.
  • Open Time: Once every two weeks, lasting for one week each time.
  • Participation Method: Defeat any level of Cyborgs to drop Morelli’s crate, which can obtain speedups, gold, resources, and a chance to obtain Morelli’s summoning ticket (this item can be saved permanently).

Using the summoning ticket, you can summon Morelli near the base (HIVE). After gathering to kill Morelli, there is a high chance of obtaining Morelli’s voucher. The first time, you can consume 10 Morelli’s vouchers to synthesize the officer, and repeated vouchers can increase Morelli’s skill level. It should be noted that Morelli’s summoning ticket has two types: normal and elite.

The elite Morelli summoned is stronger and requires stronger teammates to cooperate in killing, but the rewards obtained are also higher! Therefore, it is recommended that during the event period, everyone can wait until the event ends and the alliance officer arranges a unified time for everyone to go together, which is more efficient.

Tips for Quickly Accumulating Morelli’s Vouchers:

  • Before Morelli’s Trial event starts, save “Action Point Potion” to ensure enough action points during the event.
  • Join a powerful and active alliance and actively participate in other players’ Morelli rallies to quickly obtain Morelli’s vouchers.
  • Morelli’s summoning ticket can be saved permanently. During the event period, everyone can wait until the alliance officer arranges a unified time for everyone to go together, which is more efficient.

P.S: If there are multiple teams rallying Morelli in the alliance, multiple teams can be dispatched to participate at the same time. With the strength of alliance members, you only need to send a small number of troops to participate in the rally to obtain rewards!

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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