COMPOUND – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A short description of how to unlock every steam achievement, with tips. Does not cover in game progression (trophies, game modes, etc).

How to Obtain All Achievements

Level Progression Achievements

All of these achievements can be completed on any difficulty, with any mutators. You will unlock them automatically for playing the game and making progress in a run.


  • Complete underground sewers

Difficult customer

  • Complete Reception and Sales

Had a crate time

  • Complete Vaccine Warehouse

Accounted for

  • Defeat the accountant – the boss of profit management, will always spawn regardless of difficulty

Manage this

  • Complete profit management


  • Complete Chemical processing

Citizen Science

  • Complete Research and Development

Corporate Restructuring

  • Complete executive power


  • Complete High Worth Individual

Ad Infinitum

  • Loop the game – this occurs right after beating high worth individual, just follow the arrows into the doorway and the game will “loop” sending you back to level 1 but raising the difficulty and keeping your weapons, basically a new game+ mode.

Specific Achievements


  • Eat 100 burgers – if you want to farm for this achievement you can play on easy and then intentionally drop to 1hp and kill everyone for loads of burgers.

Shish Kebab

  • Kill 3 or more enemies with a single railgun shot – you can only do this achievement with the default railgun (the one with the stripper clip that’s piercing!) I’m not sure if you can do it in the training area but that seems like a quick way to get it by just spawning a ton of guards and then running around until they all clump together.

No U

  • Reflect a Spider Tank’s heavy cannon shot back at it – this requires you to have unlocked the ‘Sound Cannon’ gun, find it in a run before Research and Processing 2 (that’s where spider tank spawns), and be playing on normal or higher difficulty. Once you aggro the tank, just wait until you hear the “whrrrr!” charging noise and spam the reflect shot at the rocket.

Out of gum

  • Defeat Booster Bruce – Bruce spawns in warehouses on medium or higher difficulties. Also, I voice act him, so if you get this achievement that means you’ve technically killed me.


  • Beat the game without ever touching a blue weapon – for this achievement you need to run to the first gun on sewers and then never use any of the three emergency plasma guns. Be aware that you can do this on any difficulty!


  • Run out of all ammo during a run – this achievement requires a lot of planning and a bit of RNG, you need to get one of each weapon type during and run and then intentionally run out of all ammo with it. The best strategy to do this would be to grab 2 weapons of a different type (eg an smg and shotgun) then hold onto them and use them normally until you find a new weapon type (eg an rpg) where you then empty one of your guns fully empty before picking up the new gun type. Be aware that you can do this on any difficulty!

Gun collector

  • Unlock every weapon – This thankfully does not include the minigun you get from perfecting every challenge in the entire game lol. Here is the unlock conditions for every gun in the game, organized by difficulty:
  • Blast pistol – kill 30 drones (found on every stage).
  • Assault rifle – kill 50 guards (found on every stage).
  • Rocket Launcher – kill 30 security bots (first appear at reception).
  • Bouncer shotgun – kill the accountant 5 times (found only on profit management 2).
  • Laser pistol – kill 50 elite soldiers (first appear at chemical processing).
  • Laser rifle – kill 30 stalkers (first appear at chemical processing).
  • Sticky launcher – kill 25 KANi bots (first appear at reception – tip: way more of them spawn on higher difficulties!).
  • Revolver – kill Dr. A. Morral. 3 times (found only at research 2, only on normal or higher difficulty).
  • Sonic Pulse Generator – silver award on every non boss enemy (you can do this on any difficulty! Only bosses are gated by difficulty).
  • Dart gun – Beat damage amplifier mutation on any difficulty – finishing this will also net you the ‘untouchable’ achievement. You unlock the damage amplifier mutation by dying 10 times.

I am become death

  • Gold award on every enemy type – this will require you play on hard to get the hard exclusive bosses to spawn. No real strategy for this one, just play the game on hard a lot and you’ll get it eventually

Weapons master

  • Gold award on every weapon type – you can do this one on any difficulty but you will need to unlock every weapon first, see “gun collector” for details.

Good as Gold

  • Defeat Gold Leader – this is the boss that spawns at Executive Power and only on hard difficulty. He is easily the hardest boss in the game, I would highly recommend you practice fighting against him in the training mode if you get killed by him!


  • Beat the game without taking damage – be sure to play on easy with the damage amplifier mutator. Otherwise, this achievement is ridiculous.
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