Contraband Police – Gameplay Tips

Some handy gameplay tips.


Invest in getting a prison guard, otherwise prisoners will escape and that’s a big moneysink, also upgrade your van or get the fast car, it will help you escape ambushes which currently are so frequent its best to avoid them. you can store contraband in your car, but i’m not sure about prisoners overnight, or switching cars while its in there.


When smugglers attempt to bribe you, you can continue to search and confiscate items, but as soon as you get close enough for the prompt to accept it to appear, if you then walk away they’ll stop offering it, so take as much as you can, unload cargo etc, then cut stuff open then if they offer a bribe, avoid them until you have everything. then take it if you wish.


As long as you use cover and aim for the head, a pistol with 20 mags will do you just fine, until the rifle is unlocked and not gonna break the bank. restock every time you hit 10 and you’ll have no problems with any encounter.


At the end of the day you will lose some money, based on staff and building upkeep etc, you can be in the red for one day, but no longer. To avoid this, make sure to get consistent perfect ratings, and accept missions. This will help you level up and get paid more, and also perfect assessments pay more anyway. dont spend money on pointless things, like extra staff who only protect from raids, its better to upgrade your current staff, and use your pistol.


When looking for contraband, if you’re sure the smuggler isn’t going to bribe you (should attempt after you find 1 item) arrest them or they might flee. what the hints also don’t seem to mention is that as well as areas marked with a snake, they may hide contraband in fake animals, you can spot them as they are stationary and have cracks along their body, don’t be scared to hit them with a crowbar to find drugs, like a coke pinata.

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