Coral Island – Tips to Conserve Energy (Early Game)

Energy rather fast during the day so how do we keep it up when we have limited resources? Read below.

How to Conserve Energy

All credit goes to Gnollmar!

The bath house opens quite early.

You don’t need to have an extreme amount of crops, moneywise capturing insects is easy enough, having 2 scarecrows worth of fields is what I went for.

When it comes to cutting trees, only cut down what you actually need until you have upgraded your tools, as one tree will cost you 18×3 stamina, for 20 wood.

That will not last you long. I’ve personally focused on diving after unlocking it, combined with bath house I can dive 2-3 full bars of stamina daily, that also nets quite a bit of money when selling the artifacts for 167 a piece.

Normal bugs takes 10 stamina to catch and nets you 10-100 each. You can also go into the mines, agate sells for an ok slum and is quite a normal drop, getting to floor 30 and 40 gives you potions that sells for a nice sum too.

When it comes to stamina gain, if you want a lot, sugarcane from doing the spring deliveries gives a lot and regrows a lot. Diving gets you seagrass, which gives +7 stamina, it costs 3 to cut grass, so you will lose more than you gain, but you can use that later on, while you can just refill stamina on bath house and go back to where you left afterwards, so its no loss after.

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