Coromon – Catching Strategies Guide

Strategies for catching Coromon more consistently.

Guide to Catching Strategies

All credit goes to Dechrissen!


This guide outlines some strategies I came up with for catching Coromon more consistently. You can follow it completely, or pick and choose individual pieces.

Possible usecases for this guide

  • Catching Coromon to complete the database for the Who’s the Hoarder Now? achievement.
  • Catching Potent and Perfect Coromon to increase your Research Level to 100 for the Senior Researcher achievement (while knocking out all the Normal Coromon for extra Research Points).

Purrghast Build

You will need a Purrghast for this method; the higher its potential and level, the better. This will make it easier to stay alive if you’re constantly battling high-level Coromon.

The motivation for using the Purrghast line is because it’s the only Coromon to get the move Cat Scratch at level 35.

Cat Scratch: “Claw at the target, dealing damage equal to 50% of the target’s current HP.”

It’s the only move that guarantees a relatively good low HP on the enemy Coromon after 2 consecutive uses. This will be helpful for catching Coromon with Golden Spinners.

There are some other things we can take advantage of while using Purrghast as our main utility. The build is below.


  • Cat Scratch
  • Disable Heal
  • Any move
  • Any move

Disable Heal is teachable via Skill Flash 31. Its location is hidden in a stool in Darudic Trainer Hub.

Disable Heal can be useful if you’re against an annoying enemy Coromon that abuses healing moves.

The remaining 2 moves are up to you; Ghastly Nap for HP recovery and another damaging move might be helpful (it doesn’t matter too much).


Kindred Soul is your best bet for the Trait. It’ll help to keep your HP up if you’re up against higher-level enemy Coromon. Remember you can take advantage of the Traitformator in the Trainer Hub on Donar Island.

Held item

You’ll want your Purrghast to hold a Fear Disc, so you have an increased chance to attract already-hurt Coromon, making it easier to get their HP lower. You can purchase one in the shop on Donar Island if you don’t have one.

Potential points

Put these into SP until you hit the max of 26 points. Use the rest to boost Defense & Sp. Defense for extra toughness in battle.

Items to Stock Up

Money will help for this part.


Platinum Spinners

The best thing to do would be to farm a bunch of money (I think there are guides for this) and then buy a lot of Platinum Spinners. They run 90K a piece if you have the Haggle Training.

But, let’s pretend you have a normal amount of money. Stock up on these 3 Spinner types, all of which can be purchased in the shop on Donar Island, and elsewhere:

Trick Spinners

The easiest option for catching. They have a high chance to catch on turn 1.

Dream Spinners

The second best. These work on sleeping/drowsy Coromon.

Golden Spinners

These are the last resort, if the above 2 types are inappropriate for the circumstance. The type-specific Spinners are good too, but Golden Spinners are more widely-applicable. Up to you.


Apply these scents in the field as often as needed to keep their effects active. They can both be purchased from the Scent dealer in the southwest of Darudic.

Ether Scent

This will increase the chance to apply drowsiness to wild Coromon, enabling the Dream Spinner strategy.

Fear Scent

This will further increase the chance to encounter already-hurt Coromon, enabling the Golden Spinner strategy.

Summary of Strategies

Assuming you have Purrghast set up as outlined in this guide, and purchased all necessary items, all of the following strategies will be available to you, maximizing your chances of catching Coromon.


  • Have Purrghast in the lead slot of your party.
  • Activate Fear Scent.
  • Activate Ether Scent.

The ideal scenario is outlined below.

Strategy A

  • Turn 1: Throw a Trick Spinner immediately. In a lot of cases, this will catch. If it doesn’t, proceed to Strategy B.

Strategy B

  • (If the Coromon is sleeping from the Ether Scent) Throw Dream Spinners until it wakes up.
  • (If the Coromon is not sleeping) Proceed to Strategy C.

Strategy C

  • Turn 1: Use Cat Scratch
  • Turn 2: Use Cat Scratch
  • Turn 3+: Throw Golden Spinners until the Coromon is caught.

Adjust as necessary.

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